New In Town

The air thumped with the heavy bassline the DJ was playing. The dance floor was packed, it was dark; the lights had gone out at the start of the song. Lisa Harlow had frozen in place while her friends had carried on moving. The music continued uninterrupted and Lisa quickly realized that it was part of the show.

The atmosphere became electric, bodies crammed closer together as the entire club piled onto the dance floor. Once the floor was filled, bodies climbed onto the counter top that circled the hexagonal central stage. Women in short skirts and tight fitting tops danced around the pillars that sprung from each of the six corners. The writhed and gyrated to the music as the atmosphere continued to crescendo.

Strobe lighting began to flutter and the crowd went wild. Lisa looked up as the crowd began to wail in rhythm with the siren that blared out of the speakers. The strobe lit the place up for what it really was. The rotting corpses of the undead writhed and wound their way around the club, their skin glistening with decomposition. Dancing girls left silvery trails of grease as they continued to spin around the bone poles; countless femurs bound together by leathered straps of human skin. The raver’s raw meat faces were twisted in waves of orgasmic ecstasy as above them the heavens began to open.

The dance floor was pulsing now, all the ghouls and girls that had come out to play moved and swaying in a sudden rhythm.

“Are you ready?” The DJ called from his elevated position behind the decks.

Lisa looked up at him. His bones so white, bleached by years in the sun before he finally rose from his shallow grave.. The few strands of hair that clung to his scalp whipped around as he danced, his arms raised, bony fingers extended towards the heavens. “Then let it rain” He roared above the pumping bassline.

The first few drips went unnoticed, but soon the downpour began. A deluge of fresh blood, harvested only minutes before from the club next door, descended upon them. The dance floor became tacky with it. All of their bodies joined and became one pulsating organ.

At the center of it all, Lisa raised her hands. She broke the formation of the pulsating mass and threw her arms into the air. She twirled around in the middle of it all screaming, her head thrown back allowing the ruby rain to fill her mouth. It spilt over her chin, and covered her breasts. Hands explored her saturated body, pawing at her. Waves of pleasure coursed through her in ways she never knew possible. Lisa Harlow had only been dead a day but was already sure that this was the life for her.


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