ROW80 : Check-In

Well it’s been a quiet week for me on the writing and blogging front. It was the last week of my vacation and I was 7500 words ahead of my target pace.  Still I made a point to write every day and am still a few words ahead of myself for the week.

To get the numbers out-of-the-way:

Sunday: 786

Monday: 782

Tuesday: 1123

Wednesday: 1062

Thursday: 900

Friday: 468

Saturday: 637

Week Total: 5738

All told and added together I am happy with my results for the week. I am still ahead of my expectations. I am notoriously difficult to please, especially when it comes to writing. If I end the day on 2000 words, I will still lie in bed and scold myself for not writing 2100. It is just who I am, and as long as I can keep it under control, then that determination will only serve to work in my favor.

All things are looking rosy for my current WIP, but then again the writing stage has never been a problem. My issue, I am finding out is marketing. Promoting myself, as I have spoken about before.

I have been watching things and following others as they talk about their sales etc. Compared to other writers I talk to and follow, my sales are non-existent. I have sold 1 this month and two the month before (September). Now I know the problem lies with my sales. I mean the handful of review I have received have been filled with praise. These are reviews from people I do not know on a personal level, and so there are no ‘family’ obligations to paint things in cheerful colors.

So I have decided that I need to adjust my approach with writing. I am going to go back and re-read the book my M R MatthiasThe First Ten Steps, (also available on Amazon) and then I will re-adjust my promotion tactics and see what I can do differently and better. I have lowered my price on Smashwords from $2.99 to $1.99 to see if a lower price maybe will generate a few more sales. That is the great thing I have found of being an Indie writer. You have the freedom to play with your prices and promotion techniques until you find the best one for you.



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