ROW80: Mid Week Mayhem

Well I was back at work this week, and after a nice long two-week break I was certainly not in the mood to get back down to office life. Sadly however needs must.

I do not have a lot of time tonight, so I will keep it short and sweet.

Sunday: 462

Monday: 280

Tuesday: 1030

Wednesday: 680 and counting

as you can see my word count has been a bit hit and miss this week. Sunday I never get too much done, it is my take it easy day. Monday my son had his first observation session at the specialist pre-school he goes to. It’s on Monday and Tuesday mornings. So I had to take him there, and we could stay and sit in to see how he got on. It was only an hour and a half the first day. Tuesday was his first full day.

Then it was the drive back home, in total we were gone about 2.5 hours. We then had a trip to the shops, 8 hours of work, another son to take and collect from school and then take and collect again after lunch, the speech therapist and then it was time for writing. I think my 280 words was actually a good achievement. I have of course now adapted my writing schedule to better fit a Monday.

On the whole I have passed the 70,000 word mark and am hitting a steady pace and am confident that things will keep going up until the end of the novel.


I am still pondering the best approach for me to take with regards the promotion and sales of Highway to Hell. At the moment I am kind of floundering in the water. My Halloween tour was fun, but ultimately unsuccessful. I generated no sales, not increased blog hits of followers. But I did get a good number of comments so it was a good experience.

However, with this new learning curve behind me I am again having to adapt my approach to find something that works for me, and I WILL find it.

Well, that about sums up the start of my week. I am hoping for a nice easy ride into the weekend with plenty of writing and plotting being done.

I would like to wish all my NaNoWriMo friends and fellow authors all the best of luck. I will be coming around and commenting on as many blogs as I can. It is one of my new goals that I have set myself. To read and comment on at least 2 blogs a day.

Happy writing!

6 thoughts on “ROW80: Mid Week Mayhem

  1. Man those speech therapy days really put those days in the tanker. our therapy is 1 hr 2x a week but Monday I have to drive 1 hr 45 min round trip in addition to the therapy. My days are all out of whack then.
    Still it sounds like you got a good number of words in there! Sorry about the Halloween promo, I have no ideas about promoting, right now I just don’t even though my stuff is all free.

    1. Logan’s therapy is 30 mins twice a week and it is just around the corner, but if you ask me the therapist doesn’t really do much with him at the moment. The observation group is in the city near us. It’s only like 10 miles or so but it took 45 mins to get there on Tuesday.
      The promo thing will come to us both eventually. I just need to go back to the drawing board. Maybe plan another blog tour, a bigger one. I’ve got a bucket load of articles and blog posts to read about sales and thing so I’ll give them a read and make another attempt.
      Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Congratulations on hitting that 70,000 mark! It sounds like your plans are paying off for you. I think the key is that you’re tweaking your writing schedule as you see how it fits with the rest of your life so you’re making time for everything. Excellent plan.

    1. everything seems to go working quite nicely for me at the moment. Monday is clearly going to be a busy day and thus a tought writing day but I will see what I can do. Thanks for stopping by and commenting, I truly appreciate it.

  3. 70,000 words! The longest novel I wrote didn’t make it to that. LOL

    LIfe can get so hectic sometimes, but it sounds like you’re putting everything together nicely. Good luck the rest of the week!

    1. lol. I am thinking this will be about 90,000 all told. Although I am (blog post pending) questioning if a second part of a trilogy could feasibly be shorter than the first part. Highway to Hell is 96,000 but I know there is a natural ending to book two coming up and don’t want to waste it.

      Life certainly can be hectic. Especially with little ones running around. It’s all about having a plan, both short term and long term, and not minding the 18-20 hour days and interrupted nights sleep ha

      Thanks for dropping by and taking the time to comment.

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