The brain is a muscle so should we train it like one?

A long time ago, in a period of time before children came along, I used to be a member of a gym. Not just a member, but a regular attendee. I would be there for the opening of the doors at 06.00 every morning and also after work every day during the week. In short I was spending between 3 and 4 hours a day in the gym.

Now, I lacked apparently the genetics to be one of those abnormally large guys out there, but I was in good shape. I enjoyed it, and I enjoyed the science behind it. I had countless books on nutrition and weight training techniques, workout plans and inspirational stories. I kept diaries of my workouts, my meals and even took my pulse every morning and evening. (Can you say addicted…maybe)

As I said at the start, children came along and the gym time was first cut down and then costs became a luxury item and was eventually cancelled. Hopefully next month or in the New Year I will be able to start again.

The other day I was sitting there, reading an article online about weight training and I suddenly remembered, just because I don’t work out, I have a lot of knowledge about muscle-building and training. Then I thought to myself the brain is like a muscle. It needs to be trained and taxed in order to not only grow and improve but also to remain at a constant level.

This then led me to thinking, could I combine my knowledge of training, with my love of writing. I mean, following the same training schedule for too long means the body adapts to it, grows comfortable, and the rate of gain and the effectiveness of the calorie burning is lost. Could the same be said for writing.

I have heard a lot of people saying – and I am one of them – that having a good schedule is key, and that is true, but does it mean you have to always do the same thing.

Could there be a benefit to chopping and changing your writing habits in order to stop ourselves from growing stale.


Could writers block be solved by changing the writing workout we follow?

Maybe instead of sitting down with a goal of writing 750 words on a given day, could we benefit from saying, I’m gonna change it up today. Im going to go for the high repetition, toning sort of workout writing schedule and edit as I go. Really evaluate every word as I set it down. Ensuring that I get the maximum wordage ‘burn’. You know that kind of workout where you wake up in the morning sore, yet content in the knowledge that you had a good workout.

Or maybe some days could be boosted by a heavy weight, muscle-building wordage schedule. The sort of schedule when your sole aim is adding as much bulk as you can, with the plan to work on cutting up in true contest fashion so that you look your very best come competition day.




Maybe it is a good idea to throw in the odd cardio only day, you know go back and edit the previous days work, allow your mind to rest and recover, ready for the next workout.

Of course who can forget the added bonus of the mandatory rest day. A day to sit back and eat read whatever you want, without having to feel guilty about not working out writing.

I don’t know. I mean maybe I am just tired, and my mind is confusing my two favourite past times. Writing and training.

Tell me, am I crazy, or is it just crazy enough to work?


2 thoughts on “The brain is a muscle so should we train it like one?

  1. Oh, man. Just reading about all the exercise made my brain tired! Hehe.

    Seriously, though, I think you might be onto something here (especially those key, important rest days!). It would definitely be something I’d be interested in trying if my life weren’t already filled with chaos and an unpredictable schedule. I have to fit in my writing when I came (much like how I used to workout, actually…) and so I try to get the most out of what I have when I have it. Sometimes, I have to adjust things and do a sprint; other times, I can take my time and enjoy the jog. And some days I just have to skip it all together, so when I get back to to it, I’m even more driven than when I last burned myself out. : )

    It totally works! Give your brain a high five for such a great idea!

    1. That is true, the unpradictable nature of life can often throw spanners in the works, but maybe you could still use it. maybe somedays you will have only thirty minutes to write, and others a few hours, but you could still adopt the same principle. Ok, this month I am going to (train) write according to this sort of schedule, and then next month like this etc. I think I may delve into this topic again. Maybe breaking down different workout styles with different writing approaches.
      Thanks for taking the time to comment.

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