Book Review: Tarranau by James Tallett

I was gifted this book by a very good friend of my. The super talented author L.M Stull

Epic Fantasy is not normally a genre I read, but ever since I have started becoming serious about my writing, I have promised myself to expand my knowledge base in as many areas as I can, and the first thing I wanted to do was to expand my reading interests.

Tarranau was the perfect book to get me started, because to summarize for all of those who do not have the time to read this but would still like to hear a few words… It was AWESOME

I loved this book from the very first word, and the last came with a feeling of longing, because I cannot wait for the second installment to come out so that I can continue this wonderfully crafted journey.

Tarranau is more than just a fantasy tale.  It is about a young man coming of age, a study of friendship.

Tarranau is just an ordinary Watermage (he has the power to harness water and bend it to his will). He gets caught up in some bad school politics and suffers expulsion at the hands of a vindictive teacher. Leaving his home behind him, Tarranau sets sail on an adventure that holds the reader’s attention captive from the first sentence to the very last. The action comes thick and fast, yet it is not overloaded. There is drama and fully developed relationships and a level of description that makes it impossible not to have a clear image of every step of the journey.

From fishing villages to desert crossing merchant caravans and great cities, Tarranau takes the reader across a continent.

In large parts, Tarranau is simply in the wrong place at the wrong time, and that is what makes the story so entertaining. The young mage asks for none of what happens to him, and nor does he truly deserve it.

As his journey continues, Tarranau travels further from his homeland and along the way meets various people under varying circumstances. Each person has some influence on Tarranau and the path his life eventually takes. This includes are rather fortuitous meeting with the man who will by the end of the novel be not only Tarranau’s closest friend but his brother in all but blood.

This is merely the first in a series of novels following Tarranau and the other inhabitants of the four part land, and to say the book leaves you wanting more is an understatement. The set-up for book two in the series is perfectly done. We know exactly what must be done, and are left hanging in suspense to find out if and how they accomplish the task(s) they have been set.

With love and loss, death and (near) marriage, comedy and tragedy, horror and adventure, Tarranau offers something for every reader and in this humble readers opinion (and I am not a critic nor do I pretend to be one) bridges the gap between age, sex and genre with a detailed skill that can only be delivered by a master craftsman.

Reading Tarranau you would never know that this was the debut novel from a first time Indie author.

Remember the name James Tallett, for I am sure if will not be long before it is one perched at the top of the best sellers lists the world over.


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