The Days That Try Us

Full-time office worker, full-time parent, full-time writer and now to top it off add full-time salesperson and full-time networker to the list. Add that up and you get 40 hours worth of work every day that needs to be done before you can even think about kicking off those shoes, and sitting back with a nice warming scotch and a good book.

It is easy to see how things can quickly lose their perspective and a writer can find themselves lost in Indie Oblivion. So is the nature of life that it is not always possible to sort things out into neat and tidy slots. Social media is for all intents and purposes a living organism. While it never truly sleeps, there are periods of lull and periods of extreme activity, and in order to achieve the best results, these peaks and troughs must be followed. Depending on where you are in the world this can be early morning, late at night, or smack in the middle of the working day.

Learning to juggle these pressures is key, as I have discovered this week. Being able to prioritize and be practical. Some days will not go according to the plan, or even the back up plan that you have in place. Accept it. While you’re at it tell yourself that it will happen more than once, and often not in single days but periods of time. This will make it easier on you. Believe me.

Do not be disheartened as for every bad day, you will find there are good ones, and even great ones. Days where you will push yourself and not only make up for lost time, but actually surpass where your projections had you.

One could even argue that the days we do not write, when we are kept away from doing what we love – writing, editing, promoting and touring – are the days that make us better writers, better people. They refocus our mind and show us how much we not only enjoy what we do, but how much we need to do it.

Friday has arrived my comrades in arms ink. We have worked, experienced, learned, adapted and overcome. I doff my cap and salute you all. Welcome to the weekend. The time is ours and nothing shall keep us from doing what we were born to do a moment longer.

This is for all of us who have had a bad week, but are still standing, smiling and flipping the bird to working week as we watching it disappear behind us.


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