ROW80: Weekly Round Up 13/11/2011

On Friday a colleague of mine came up to me and asked what I had planned for the weekend. I told him that my wife was going out for a girls night and so Friday I would spend the night writing, and the weekend would be entertaining the kids, during the day and writing and relaxing with my wife.

He looked at me and said “Don’t you ever get tired of writing?” I looked at him and said “No.” I thought it a strange question, and of course I didn’t say this to him, for it is a question I get asked a lot by people. I guess that people who don’t write won’t ever fully understand how it works. The voices and ideas that fill your head and simply must be written down, regardless of how tired we feel or how many words we have already written that day.  This is not a new discovery, and I have read about it in several posts over recent weeks, but it was a moment of my week that stood out.

Anyway, here are my figures for the week. I am delighted with them, and with the ease with which they appeared on the page.

Sunday: 720

Monday: 759

Tuesday: 0 (This day shall now be known as the Day of the Meltdown.)

Wednesday: 1846

Thursday: 2021

Friday: 2559

Saturday: 1570

This gives me a grand total of 9475 words for the week, and all of that with a day of no writing at all. Granted, it’s not NaNo speed, but as I’m not taking part this year I am delighted. Not to mention quietly confident that had I NaNo’ed I would have easily been able to push the word count even higher.

I cannot recall if I mentioned this in my mid-week update, but I have now lowered the price of Highway to Hell to just 99 cents on all platforms. At least until the new year, by which time I hope to have researched enough about sales to launch a successful campaign.

I hope you have all had equally good weeks with your writing, and to all of my friends who find themselves mid-way down the NaNo trail, keep your chins up, you are almost over the hump and then every day is one day closer to the end that it was to the start. Keep going, I know you can all do it.

Thanks for reading.


2 thoughts on “ROW80: Weekly Round Up 13/11/2011

    1. Thanks. Life is kind of stressful at the moment, so I am happy that I can channel it all into my writing. Sometimes it seems that the busier my life is the more I get done. Thanks for stopping by.

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