ROW80 – A Difficult Week

This has been the most challenging week so far in my ROW adventure. Not because of writing problems or a lack of creative flow, but rather because of busy work schedules and sickness.

Thanks to two days of zero words, I am behind my weekly target for the first time all round, and still working on that pesky final scene. I have it all planned out in my head now at least, and don’t think it will take more than a couple of days, depending on how much time I get to actually write it in. It seems that the closer I get to the end, the more restrictive my time gets. Then again, better that than have no time at the start then all the time in the world once I have written the final sentence.

Sunday: 283

Monday: 0 – I cannot remember why I didn’t write on Monday. Either an internal confidence crisis – I am prone to those – or it was because my Monday is now ridiculously busy.

Tuesday: 1050

Wednesday: 1065

Thursday: 927

Friday: 0 – My wife, our eldest son and I were all sick. Luckily it was just a 24 hour sort of thing and come evening we all felt 99% recovered.

Saturday: 817

On the days I did write I surpassed my daily goal, so I am not concerned. Disappointed that I haven’t finished yet, but not concerned. I will easily have the book finished by the end of the week, and that is well ahead of my target so I will not complain.

I am starting to see the NaNo winner certificates surface and want to take a moment to say Congratulations to every one of my friends and writing colleagues who have taken part this year. If you haven’t reached that magic 50,000 yet, don’t even begin to worry. You still have plenty of time to reach your goal.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great Sunday everybody


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