ROW80: A Belated Check-In

To be honest I have nothing to report. I finished the first draft on the Highway to Hell Sequel on Monday night and feel fantastic about it. I love the promises it makes for the third book, and the scenario it puts into place for the battle of good and evil.

Since then I have done nothing. I am treating myself to a short holiday – until after the Sinterklaas festivities are over which is December 6th – after which comes editing and a bit more editing.

I am doing nothing more strenuous than a few blog posts. It feels nice to slow down for a bit. I am also searching for a piece of cover art that captures everything that happened in the book… or will happen I guess, as the cover is seen before people read it.

I am catching up on a bit of reading although with illness and three kids, not to mention building the ‘Surprisen’ for the celebration of Sinterklaas. I drew my Father-in-law this year so have to make a big colourful decoration to hide his gifts in. This year I made him a giant Rolling Stones Logo. While my wife made her brother a big guitar. We then get together with my in-laws and open the ‘surprisen’ as they are called. We had a budget of 15 euros per person. It is a really fun night. We have made it a family tradition. Pictures of the Surpisen will follow I promise.

Well that’s about it. In fact, I find myself so far ahead of schedule I am going to plan out my goals for the next round, as well as my next 4 novels in the coming period. Very high level you understand, but I have had a few interesting ideas for all four and don’t want to forget.

With NaNo officially over, I want to send out HUGE congratulations to everyone who took part. Win, Lose or Draw, you all did a fantastic job. You gave it your best, and I for one salute you. My respect it yours.

Thanks for dropping by.

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