ROW80 : Taking a Well Earned Rest

To be honest with you, I could sum up my post in one word . Nothing.  But that seems like a waste of a post. I will however keep it short as nothing is kind of self-explanatory.

I finished the second Highway to Hell novel last week and have rewarded myself with some time off. The most strenuous thing I have done is read.

That being said I am itching to start editing and then to get cracking on my next book. I have 5 planned out in my head at the moment, so it’s enough to keep me going a little while yet.

I caught a nice break on Thursday night. I had to help my brother-in-law move. He is the person who designed the Highway cover for me. So obviously, talk turned to writing and this second novel. Not only did he once again offer to do my cover for FREE, but also said that I don’t need to trawl through the stock archives for images. If I tell him what I am looking for, he will design something for me himself.  I was like ‘Man that is awesome.’

Tonight  – this weekend – we celebrate Sinterklaas in Holland. This afternoon my in-laws are coming round and we are doing the presents with the kids. Then after that two brothers (in-law) and one all but sister-in-law are coming and we will do the secret Santa that we have all been working on. I drew my father-in-law, possibly the most difficult one of the group to buy for. I managed it however, and now I cannot wait for tonight. It will also be a nice way to close off my holiday, and bring me back into the fiction world.


Thanks for reading, and Happy December.

One thought on “ROW80 : Taking a Well Earned Rest

  1. Sounds like you are in for some well earned rest. I also have a familiy member that does the covers for me, the hard part is getting her to actually do them.

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