ROW80 : End of Week Check In

Well another week has ended, and to be honest, I had already reached my goals for the round. I know, I know, I should just set myself new ones, but I fell into the trap of being lazy once my first draft was finished, and have struggled to drag myself out.

In my defence, I have started to edit, and have 12 pages finished. However, having two sick kids coughing and spluttering all day, and crying and coughing all night long takes it toll. Not only limiting my editing opportunities, but also destroying my sanity in one swoop.

Luckily, the noses seem to be clearing and the nights are getting less interrupted. Thus allowing me to get back into some form of routine. I am terrible at editing, and have no real tactic. No, I lie, I have several tactics, but that often serves to confuse me. Therefore I am setting myself a dual goal for the remainder of the round. To actually work out how I am going to edit is my first task, and to edit (I hope this is a very conservative estimate) 3 pages a day. I mean I don’t get very much time; not in one burst anyway, and I find editing takes longer to get into the groove than the act of writing. Still, I hope that I can be proven wrong and see my daily page total push onwards and upwards.

How are you all doing in terms of your initial goals? Have you met them, exceeded them or been forced to change them? Whatever the answer, I wish you all the best of luck, and thank you for dropping by.




2 thoughts on “ROW80 : End of Week Check In

  1. Hang in there, you can do it! I fell a little behind myself, and only just finished the first draft of my sequel tonight. I now have 2 novels to edit and prepare for submission to publishers by February (my personal deadline). I also have a couple of half-finished short stories to complete, and some blogging to catch up with. It’s all go in the Indie world!

    1. Thanks Catherine. Wow you are going to be busy haha. I just cannot seem to find that groove at the moment. Everything feels disjointed and kind of off kilter. I am sure I’ll get it back, just need to keep pushing on.

      I am seriously hopeing for an enormously high value amazoin gift card for xmas. I have so many books (including yours) to buy but I have no credit card, and my dutch bank card won’t let me buy stuff online. grrrr. I’m going to have to change banks in the New Year.

      I too have given myself a deadline of Febraury to get everything finished by. Just hoping I can come up with the cover design concept by then too. The first novel was easy, but this one is a real stumper art wise.

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