ROW 80: Mid-Week Check-In

I am busy at work editing Trials and Tribulations, the second novel in the Highway to Hell trilogy. Editing is going slow at the moment, but I do hope to pick up speed. I am 22 pages in out of a total of 160 (A4). My goal is February 1st, giving me one more month to tidy away loose ends for a March 1st publication. Leaving me (I hope) enough time to get another novel out in the second half of 2012.

While editing is slow, I at least know what I am doing. When it comes to my cover art I am still lost. My brother-in-law is going to design it for me, but I need to give him something to work with. I have been searching the web both stock images and general google art for inspiration, but keep coming up empty-handed. I am sure something will hit me in due course, but it is certainly more than a little frustrating. I think it is because the cover for Highway to Hell came to me right away.

I don’t really have much else to report. I have been really tired in the evenings this past week. I am going to try to work some exercise back into my daily routine. I hope that will give me a bit of an energy boost. Maybe if I can just work out how to add an extra few hours into the day. Just one or two would be enough… I’m not greedy



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