A Few Good Men: Update

 Happy Day After Christmas Day Day everybody!

I will be brief with my post today, because I have only slept for 2 hours 14 minutes thanks to some naughty children, and I seriously doubt my ability to string together coherent sentences.

Following on from my post on the other day about the two charitable activities that were taking place over Christmas, I thought today would be the perfect day for an updated.

The Serious Request DJ’s were released from their Glass House at around 20:30 on Christmas Eve. For those who missed the post, you can read it here, or here is a brief recap.

3 famous DJ’s one totally glass house (other than bedroom and toilet), 24 hour a day radio making, and importantly NO FOOD.

The cause was War Mothers, a sub collection of the Red Cross helping mothers in war torn countries whose husbands have been murdered or killed in war. The total raised during their 6 day fast was an incredible:



The second good deed I mentioned was the Talisker Atlantic Rowing Race. Two employees of a company I am an account manager for. They are still going, and spent their Christmas Day away from their families, in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.  They are currently in First Place with only 1250 Nautical Miles to go before they cross that finish line. They have raised 29,500 GBP so far and I am sure that number will increase by the end of the race.

They even managed to find time to post a blog update yesterday with this lovely message below.





One thought on “A Few Good Men: Update

  1. Rest well tonight, Alex. Thanks for the update. I wasn’t able to help out the two charities but I do support several through withdrawals from my chequing account, very small every month but it’s what I can do. Last year on Christmas Eve I made sandwiches and put them and some oranges in a big basket for the homeless. I left the basket by the dumpster as I couldn’t find any homeless on the streets that night. In the morning it was gone and footsteps all around, a few orange peels IN the dumpster. Bless you, Alex, and the naughty children are simply being children, they’ll grow out of it, you know, enjoy them now while you can. I wish mine were small again in many ways, but I was so tired then much of the time I couldn’t enjoy them. My regret. God bless you and the rest on this post, Alex, including the lady who took her grandchildren to serve dinner to the homeless. I’ve done that, not with my grandchildren, though. What a wonderful example she is, too. We can all do a little bit, even a smile or a hand with a parcel sometimes. You’ve made a difference and you don’t know the extent of the ripples. Merry Day after Christmas Day, as your sailors said!

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