2012 – A Year to End All Years

It has arrived, 2012 is upon us. Before we start can anybody tell me what happened to 2011? I seem to have misplaced it. It was here but I turned around and it was gone.

In all seriousness, 2011 was an amazing year, and I have high expectations for this one too.

I know that this is the time of year when everybody makes resolutions. Promises to themselves that they know they can break without feeling too guilty about. You all know what I mean. Those stop smoking promises, or the weight loss targets. I never make Resolutions because I know that they have a less than impressive track record. What I like to do instead is wipe the slate clean.

A new year, a new start. Forget about the failures and low points of 2011. The past is the past and nothing can change it. We are who we are in this very moment, and if we need to make changes we just do it. No preconceptions.

While I shy away from resolutions, I do like to set targets for myself at the start of the year. So here goes, in no particular order.

  1. Move House – We currently live in a tiny flat that doesn’t give us the space we need for the children. Coupled with the neighbors from hell that seem to be determined to be like the Corleone family of the flat. Everything needs to be approved by them.
  2. Publish the second Highway to Hell installment.
  3. Re-edit my and re-release my short story collection.
  4. Write and publish a new standalone novel. This is already planned out in my mind in terms of the main plot, just need to fine tune the character arc.
  5. Read more. With three kids running around, finding time to read can be hard, but I am determined to read more this year
  6. Get some form of (semi) regular exercise. I would like the scales to stop saying ‘one at a time please’ when I stand on them. Nothing more specific than that.
  7. Further define my blogging. I want to develop a genuine schedule of say 4 posts a week, including one author interview. The questions to which I am currently working on, but would also tailor from author to author.
  8. Of course, if I can actually sell a few copies of my books along the way, then all the better.

Happy 2012 everybody.



4 thoughts on “2012 – A Year to End All Years

  1. I stopped making resolutions years ago when my husband said that people who make resolutions are stupid. I think he read that somewhere, and I don’t agree that people who make resolutions are stupid. I think they’re hopeful, optimistic, and maybe hungover. But it was a slam because I’d always made resolutions then resolutely broken them, usually, at least by the end of the year.

    I like to look back on the past year like the Irish in County Cork and celebrate what’s happened in 2011, for example, look at my successes and failures the past year, especially what was good about it, and then face the new year with hope and optimism because the past is a pretty good indicator of the future. Or at least if it’s less than great then it’s a good springboard by which to do better and to learn. I like to learn new things. There’s no greater education than life.

    I spent New Year’s Eve with a friend and did the laundry. Now I’m going to read my Kindle while the laundry dries and then tomorrow night may be inspired to write more on the second horror novella. I’m reading Highway to Hell. Is this self-published or TP, Alex? It’s good enough so it certainly could have been accepted by a TP, IMHO, and I hope it was, because that’s good on you, but you’ve done well with it, anyhow. There’s a book I tried to get on Kindle but it was only available in paperback, so I clicked the button to alert the publisher to get it out in ebook format. It was a book that was recommended to me, I forget the name of it now, darn, but it’s in my wish list on Kindle.

    I hope you and your family grow together, play together learn together and have fun, Alex, in the new year. I don’t know what your regular occupation is but you are an intelligent and down to earth fellow and if you publish enough books then you could be another Dean Koontz.

    Happy new year.

  2. I always make one News Year resolution–not to make any New Years resolutions, at least I will keep that one. Targets do work better for me, I have a few myself.

  3. I just bought the Undead: A Tale of the Biotech Revolution by Brian Stableford, an author you recommended. I’m trying to get through three novellas and have finished one. The second is a challenge as I have no ideas other than the first and last chapters, which started out as SF and now must be horror to match the rest of the anthology. I’m reading Highway to Hell and am quite pleased that it’s not all bad stuff, some of your characters end up in a garden at home or alone after being confronted with cauldrons of boiling oil. I hope to learn from Brian Stableford, too. I haven’t read a lot of horror and didn’t like it but somehow I began writing horror, the characters just started to write themselves. I have a few targets, too, and one of them is to have fun, enjoy life, and help my friends make the most of themselves and their lives, too. I am a happy camper and will continue as the past is a good indicator of the present.

    You and your wife are making memories for your small children, Alex. In 20 years you will wish you had the chances over again that you have now. There’s nothing that says future more than our children.

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