Why I Love ESPN

The majority of my posts this week have been more therapeutic than constructive, and so I thought I would lighten the mood a little bit today.

I am a big sports fan. My wife is not, and me, possibly being too nice do not force her to watch sport because I know she dislikes it so intently. The only show I really want to watch is Match of the Day, which is a weekly highlight of the English Premier League. Plus it has the best theme tune ever.

Taking the above into consideration, and the fact that my kids also don’t like it when the cartoons are changed during tv time, I am left with only the late night hours for my sporting fix. Couple this with a daughter that won’t sleep. I was on the sofa with her from 00:30 last night… again (3rd day in row), you can only imagine my immense joy at discovering my cable provider also included ESPN (America). So now, no matter what time my daughter wakes up I can be relatively certain that there will a live game of something on television to keep me entertained.

Incidentally I think this discovery has given my wife a new insight into sport, because now I am all too happy to get up and sit with our daughter. With Green Bay playing at I believe 02:30 my time tonight – tomorrow morning – I am almost sitting here with crossed fingers that she wakes again. Plus with me, my daughter goes straight to sleep on the sofa, while with my wife she likes to cause trouble.


2 thoughts on “Why I Love ESPN

  1. That is a pretty convenient situation right there! It’ll be interesting to see if this somehow influences your daughter to either loooooove or haaaaaate sports when she’s older. I’m leaning more toward loving them.

    I personally can’t do televised sports. I don’t have the attention span for it, and I’d much rather see games live if I’m going to watch ’em.

    1. Me too, you cannot beat the atmosphere of a live event, but sadly I have neither the money for it nor the opportunity to go if I did. The only real sport around here is soccer and the team I support it several hours away.

      I must admit I love the American sports more each week.

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