The Sex of Social Media


Don’t get any wild ideas about the title. I am referencing sex in terms of gender rather than sport.

It struck me the other day, and I have been meaning to write about it for some time now. I am by no means a social fiend, but I have several hundred ‘friends’ on twitter, and I honestly do converse with as many as I can. Every now and then a complete loon slips through the cracks, but sooner or later they are de-friended and normal interactions are resumed.

I am sure you have all seen these questionnaires and silly little games in other people’s statuses. The first name in your friend list is your future wife, the third will be the postman to you third ex-sister-in-law who is incidentally name number 7 on the list. You know what I mean.

Well, the other day I was just for the sake of office boredom looking at the names in my list and seeing where they related. I was strangely shocked to find that all ten displayed names were women.

When it comes to my Facebook account, I am hardly known for my screening. If someone wants to be my friend, and their profile doesn’t scream ‘PHONEY’ to me then I accept them. Similarly, it they are a writer, I will offer my friendship to them. So it struck me as odd that the majority are female.

To reinforce it, I checked the top 10 list regularly, and there was never more than 2 men in the list. Now, I am not saying that out of all of my friends, there are no men, but there certainly seems to be a trend there that leans towards the feminine persuasion.

Is this because Social Media – especially Facebook – is used more by women than men, or is it something about the profiles that we use. Are the male writers out there, and I mean Indie writers rather than the ‘world famous’ traditional published authors (King, Koontz and the like) less likely to advertise themselves in their profiles? It seems unlike to me, as every writer understands the importance of social media.

It is most likely that this means nothing, but I noticed it and it struck me as vaguely interesting. Take a look at your own Facebook friends and see if you notice the same thing I do. I would love to know.


4 thoughts on “The Sex of Social Media

  1. Come to think of it, most of my author friends are female actually! That is a very interesting observation. And I must admit, of the male authors I interact with on social sites, you seem to be the only one below the age of 35, Alex. I don’t know whether age is relevant too…

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