Why I Love Writing Fiction on Friday

As a writer, there is nothing I love more than sitting down, grabbing a pen or assuming the position behind my keyboard and just writing. Not thinking, not worrying about work or the weather, just writing.

I am sure you will all agree with me, there is no feeling like it.

I try, although do not always succeed, to write a piece of (short) fiction every Friday. When this is done, I post it here and share it around the various promotion links that WordPress accommodate.

One comment that I tend to get on my short stories, is about grammar and editing. Nothing insulting and nothing that isn’t true. Each week my answer remains the same. I do not edit my Friday Fiction pieces. For want of a better word, they are simply free-writing exercises. I start with an idea and just write until that idea is finished. Of course I give it a cursory run through, but I do not do any real editing. Editing isn’t what these stories are about. It is about the writing. If I like the story, I will tidy it up, edit and rework bits and add it to my growing collection for use in the short story anthologies I am working on.

I don’t know if any of you practice free-writing, but it is amazing. Plus, doing so on a Friday just seems to me to be the perfect way to close the week and welcome in the weekend.

Maybe I am foolish for publishing (on the blog) my writing like this, I don’t know, but, I certainly will not change.


3 thoughts on “Why I Love Writing Fiction on Friday

  1. Actually, I firmly believe that free writing should be practiced. Many people do not realize that writing and editing are opposite practices. When you write, you’re being creative, emotional, and open to inspiration. When you edit, you’re following strict rules and being logical. These are divergent processes that actually fight each other. Writer’s block is often caused by trying to write and edit at the same time.

    I always attempt to write one day and edit on another. It works better that way. There is also a school of thought that blogging should be a lot like writing dialogue, that it should be more like verbal communication. It’s every writer’s choice. I’m torn, as I often fear that my blogs will be seen as a representation of my fiction writing ability. I tend to treat them as fiction and edit them, which is probably why I don’t post on a weekly basis!

    1. Thanks for commenting Carrie, I know what you mean, and have often fretted about the comparisons that may be drawn between my blogging and my fiction. I trust that people will accept the differences between the two. I give my posts more of an edit than my Friday Fiction, but nothing detailed. As you said, blooging is about expression and saying what is on your mind. That doesn’t need to be and often cannot be written to full effect if you follow the standard literary conventions.

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