ROW80 Mid Week Check-in: The End is in Sight

Firstly, let me say, I cannot believe that we are already into the last full week of January. It’s crazy. Then again, they say that time flies when you are having fun, and fun is exactly what I have been experiencing all year so far.

Friday is the big day, we are moving out of the small flat and into a house. A real house with three floors, well two floors and a converted attic, a nice sized garden and a two-story summer-house / brick-built shed. (Soon to be the best home gym / writing studio anybody has ever seen).

Of course, work still goes on around all of this, but you know what. In spite of all the negativity in the office, the grumbles and the non-stop bitching, I am actually having a good year. I am enjoying myself and actually getting things done. I am kind of swamped but with just a few small jobs that are more time-consuming than anything else.

With writing, everything is back on track. Things are going great. I am (finally) in the swing with editing, and remember how much I really enjoy this book. It is slightly different again to Highway to Hell, but I think people who liked the first novel will enjoy the sequel. I have 45 pages to go in editing, and then I will be ready to send it out to a couple of beta readers. The only thing I need to get sorted out is the cover art, and I just have no idea what I want. It is driving me nuts trying to think of something, or find some images than inspire me.

How are you all doing with your goals? I would love to hear your tales thus far.


One thought on “ROW80 Mid Week Check-in: The End is in Sight

  1. I have been very bad lately and havent written a lot, too much drama at home and work to give me the quiet I need. Thoughts are forming for a little short story I may pound out this afternoon. Glad everything is going well for you.

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