Well, this will sadly be a short and (not so) sweet update for two reasons.

1) I am at work, and having the sort of week there that makes me wonder what the point is behind it all. My stress levels are so high I expect to find a second grey hair in my beard any day now.

2) I haven’t really done anything since last Thursday. I edited a page and a bit last night and plan to do another big chunk tonight. It is crazy how strange I feel not being able to write or to edit. I have done some good reading, which has been great fun, but I miss writing. It keeps me sane, and the lack of it therefore explains the title to this post. Although please, don’t take me literally.

How are you all faring on your ROW80 adventure this round? I still hope to get my goals met this round so no rash changes to be made just yet. As of Friday I will be back in full swing again, and now I finally have my WIP on my works laptop I can get some things done before then too.

One thought on “ROW80: REDRUM

  1. Hopefully you will be able to play catch up, I find that waking up early on the weekends before anyone else is a good time to catch up. I finally got my laptop back so now I can work on my editing when my brain is dry of ideas.

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