ROW80: A Return From The Wilderness

What a long week is was, to be without the internet at home. It mean no tweeting, no poking or wall reading, no promoting and even worse no writing as my manuscript was in an email I had sent to myself. Luckily, I survived it as I mentioned in my previous ROW update.

The internet finally came back on Friday morning, and it has taken me a little while to get caught up and back in the swing of things. From next week onwards I hope to have my normal scheduling resumed.

But the real question that this post poses is… How are things going with my goals for the round.

Well, I am delighted to be able to say that I got a mammoth (for me ) 12 pages edited yesterday evening and it brought me not quite back on track but certainly onto an adjacent footpath. I still hope to have the book read for beta reading by the end of this month, which means I can turn my attention to the new project that is now starting to burn a whole in my mind.

For the rest, I have been reading a lot in the last week and have currently devouring I Am Legend. What a cracking read it is. I haven’t done much blog reading or commenting, but I will be getting back into that in the coming weeks.

The temperature has dropped incredibly here in Holland these past three days, and yesterday there were even temperatures as low as -22 degrees celsius. For this small country that is bizarre. It did however mean I could spend the day sleighing with my wife and kids through the dunes near our house. However an off-piste adventure saw me crash through a few trees and into the side of a second dune. My ankles are not too happy with me, but guess that means I have an excuse to spend even more time sitting and working on my writing. 🙂

So, how are all of you getting on with your goals as we make the transition from the first month of the year into the wild ride that will soon usher in the summer and *GASP* Christmas before we can blink.


2 thoughts on “ROW80: A Return From The Wilderness

    1. Mine says exactly the same of me. I am cynical beyong my years. It is indeed good to be back. This week at work was awful but plan to get some serious blogging and editing done over the coming days.

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