Howard Hopkins – In Memoriam


Howard Hopkins – In Memoriam

Can we pause for a moment from our hectic, over-booked, fatigued, maxed-out, lives and remember what is really important?

We lost one of our own this month – an author of many books, our friend Howard. I didn’t know him outside our literary circle. Aside from social media and mutual support, Howard was one of many online writer pals who exemplified why we all gather here – community.

Death is hardest on those who are left behind. We take comfort in the legacy left behind, the memories we share, the essence of the energy that continues to surround us despite absence of physical body.

When someone passes without warning, without pre-illness, it’s that much tougher. We can grieve illness when someone is still living, and while we mourn the loss we had time to prepare. There is time to process, to tie up loose ends, and to say farewell. Sudden passing is without warning. It doesn’t come with a set of instructions. It’s inconceivable that someone would be there one minute, and simply not the next.

It is because of the finite life line we all share, the No Guarantee brand on every life that does not promise you a single breath past tomorrow, or the next hour, or the next minute, or second – that every breath must be a cause for celebration. What are you doing right now to celebrate that breath you just took?

Because we continue to have the privilege of breathing, let us honor Howard’s LIFE by honoring his work. This year, let’s each commit to read something Howard wrote (if you haven’t already) and post a review. And please help RT the Thursday Teaser Train tweets Feb. 9, dedicated exclusively to our talented friend.

We are all extremely busy and that will not change. But let’s keep Howard in our thoughts this year, and not allow life to get in the way of remembering our ultimate purpose: To revere each second ticking by as a gift not to be squandered.

Howard, you will be missed.

Visit Howard’s author page on Amazon to read more and view his works.


The Chloe series is meant for adults, while The Nightmare Club is for children.  If you are unfamiliar with Howard’s writing, check out his blog, Dark Bits–it’s a good representation of his style.  One of my favorite blogs of his is on Stephen King, check it out:!  It’s LOL funny!



6 thoughts on “Howard Hopkins – In Memoriam

  1. Very nice blog. This was the first I have heard about Howard’s passing. I met Howard through Facebook and he seemed like a wonderful guy. This news saddens me this morning. I hope a lot of people take your advice and orders one or two of Howard’s books. R.I.P. Howard.

  2. Howard was my facebook friend for a few years, and you really get to know a person in that amount of time. He inspired me and made me laugh. I agree with what Alex says in his post. Please visit Howard’s Amazon author page and share in the works of this talented man.

    1. It was indeed a sudden passing, and it certainly puts things into pespective. Howard was a great guy and will be missed my so many. Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment.

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