ROW80: I’m Back and Have a Cunning Plan

Ok, I don’t but Blackadder was in my head and… well, what other reason need there be.

I can officially say that this week was one I cannot wait to forget. I worked approximately 60 hours in the office, including every night baring last night until approx 23.30. Yet event hen I got nowhere near through the to-do list I was given. This was in no small part due to me being too nice and offering too much of my time to helping other colleagues. Partly because I am too stubborn to admit defeat and ask for help, choosing to struggle along and risk drowning. The main reason however if because there is just a metric crap load of work that needs to be done, and just not enough hours in the day to do so, especially when a lot of time is lost trying to figure our and report the never-ending list of ‘bugs’in the system.

In short, I had a week that stressed me out to the point of breaking. Especially when coupled with the fact that I had a three-day free book promotion campaign to organize that ran from Tuesday until the end of Thursday. This added extra stress to me, but somehow I managed to still get all of my promotions done and still find time to spend every moment I could with my kids and sit with my wife and watch a bit of TV in the evenings.

Sadly to ay however, I have only managed to edit three paragraphs all week. I did get some reading done, and have almost finished ‘I Am Legend’ which I have enjoyed very much until now.

I am definitely going to get back to editing tonight, and only 28 pages left until this WIP is finished. So I have no reason to panic, it is just that I am itching to start writing something new while this novel is being ripped apart … read by my Beta readers.


I hope therefore to have more to report at the next check-in.  Perhaps even the happy announcement that I am finished.

I also plan to get back to blogging, having all but neglected my blog for the past two weeks. Ever since we moved in fact. While I don’t see work settling down any time soon, the house is now finally feeling like home, and I am adjusting to the ‘quirks’of an older house etc, and I hope to finally start settling back into my rhythm with regards waking early to write before work.

Until next time, happy writing everybody and I hope you are all exceeding the goals you have set yourself for this round.

2 thoughts on “ROW80: I’m Back and Have a Cunning Plan

    1. Delegation is a great thing, the only problem I found in this job was that when I delegate nobody did the work and it still ended up my fault. Luckily, it isn’t always like this so I hope things will start to quiet down a little bit from now on. Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment.

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