What a Night


Well, I learnt something tonight. Well actually I learned several things.

One is that when the time comes to panic, I stay calm, I think clearly and get things done. I also learned that when it comes to my children, the sight of their blood makes me weak at the knees.

During my 27 years on this planet I have seen some gruesome things. Mainly through my time as a Special Constable with the English Police Force. I never had a problem with injuries, or dead bodies or even the post mortem that I attended. However, my daughter got her fingers trapped in the living room door this evening, and her third and fourth finger, from the first knuckle upwards were almost cut clean off.

We got her to the hospital – which is what lead me to learn Lesson 1 – but standing there, while the doctors where stitching the wound, I looked at her injuries and went weak at the knees. The room began to spin, he felt boiling hot and before I knew it I was being pulled against the wall and told to sit with my head between my legs.

I think I was more surprised than anybody at my reaction, but I guess when it comes to your own children all bets are off.

Luckily she is got stitched up by the great doctors at the ER and is home with a heavily bandaged hand and the order to keep her marinated in Paracetamol. Those were the exact words of her doctor, which proves to show that even Doctors can have a sense of humor.

She is now sleeping on the sofa, and as a friend of mine pointed out, she will probably get over it all quicker than I or my wife will.

Yet, through it all, it was my other two sons that I remained concerned for. They were there when it happened, they saw the injury and heard my wife calling her mother to arrange babysitting for them, and hear her say what had happened. My eldest son is old enough to understand and was distraught and my three-year old has autism and while he does not always understand what goes on, it was clear that he knew in this instance. He stood still and quiet. Totally unlike him, especially when things get busy around him.

Thankfully they are fine, we talked to them, and they fell asleep calm and relaxed.

I have no idea what to expect tomorrow, but we have the pain killers at the ready, and more than enough hugs and kisses to help them all.

My poor little thing. Her arm has to stay in a sling all day long. Only at night can it come off.

16 thoughts on “What a Night

  1. OMG…. 😦

    Remember that you and your wife will need hugs and kisses too Alex. So glad you could purge some of it in your writing. Please keep us update on how the little ones are doing!

  2. Thanks Andrea, the boys made it through the night without waking so that’s a good sign. No bad dreams. The little one (Ashleigh) was restless but is doing very well. Just keeping the paracetamol flowing and hoping for the best.
    Thanks for taking the time to comment.

    1. Thanks Jimmy. This morning she is happy and running around with her two older brothers. We are keeping the paracetamol flowing and it looks like she is going to cope well with it all.

      Thanks for taking the time to comment.

  3. What a terrible nightmare. I’m glad to hear the little one woke up from it with all fingers intact. Getting to the er fast was crucial – and you did it. I wish the best for Ashleigh and all of you.

    1. Thank you for your comment Jeana, she is still in pain the poor thing, and the doctors won’t give anything other than paracetamol. It helps a bit but not as much as I would like it to for her.

  4. As a parent myself I can relate. I was clipping hedges one day when my daughter was 5. She came up behind me and started talking, which startled me. I whirled around and the hedge clippers went flying right into her head! She immediately started crying and screaming and clapped her hands over her eyes and forehead. All I could think of was that I had blinded her. But I calmly picked her up and raced her into the kitchen to check for blood and staunch the wound. As she was screaming and crying I calmly asked her questions and pulled her hands away bracing myself for the worst. Believe it or not, there was no blood or anything, just a tiny dent in her forehead where the point of the clippers had hit! After checking her over she went off to play while I fell apart. At that time, I came to the same realization as you….that I could handle myself in an emergency but when it’s your child it’s totally different. She is 16 now and still won’t get near me if I have scissors or knives in my hand!

    So glad your little girl is ok and that everything was able to be stitched up. She’s absolutely adorable!

    1. Thanks, I think she so too.

      Glad your daughter was alright. I can imagine that gave you quite a fright. I just wish that she had some stronger pain killers. The paracetamol don’t seem to do much more than just take the edge off for her.

      Thanks for commenting.

  5. How distressing for all of you, and I am so sorry to hear that the paracetamol isn’t cuttng it. Sending love and hugs and hoping the recovery comes soon.

  6. I hope she is doing well. I got my finger caugth in my garage door a few months ago and can just imagine how painful it was for her. As to the blood thing, I have the same issue-can not stand hospitals. So you are not alone there!

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