ROW80: A Bump in the Road

Try as I might, I just cannot seem to find that rhythm when it comes to editing. Just before we moved house I found a groove that often eludes me at this stage of the game, and sadly it appears to have fallen off the wagons at some point because I just cannot pick it up anymore.

Naturally, I am itching to get back to writing, to work on something new. However, I also know that this cannot be done, or at least I will not allow it to happen until editing is done and the beta readers have been cajoled into giving it a read through.

I have managed to at least work on my novel this week, and even if it is not for as long as I would have liked or with as much progress as I would have liked, it is definitely an improvement on recent weeks.

I am starting to panic about hitting my February deadline, but it was never set in stone. Besides, I am still struggling to get any real cover art concept going in my mind. But that is the least of my problems. Editing and getting the writing done is one thing, but delaying publication over cover art is something I can live with.

I did manage to finish reading I Am Legend the other day. What a great book it was. I thoroughly enjoyed it. More than I had expected to if I am honest. I thought the flow and the build up to the ending was perfectly timed. Not to mention the little tweaks that the whole Vampire myth got were incredible. Plus I loved the fact that these tweaks were actually explained and with solid logic behind it, and not just because the writer has the power to change anything they want for any reason they want.

I am now reading a short anthology of horror stories by a fellow Indie writer and am until now enjoying it. Zombie fiction isn’t normally my thing but I am pleasantly surprised until now.

How are you all doing on your ROW80 quest? Hanging on in there or soaring above and beyond your targets?


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