Cover Art Confrontations

As many of you will know, I am approaching the end of the editing for my second Highway to Hell novel.

The name of this second novel is no secret, it just happens that I have never mentioned it.

Highway to Hell: Trials and Tribulations

 I have yet to send them to him, but have asked if he has time to sit down and discuss things. So as sneak preview for you all, I present the three images that I hope to draw inspiration from for my cover.

The image of the castle fits with several locations for this novel, and the ying-yang shows not only the difference between light and dark, but also the duality of man, a struggle that almost all of the characters face at some point in this installment.


What I am thinking is the (lower) castle and the moon rising as a red and white Ying-Yang. This is just a preliminary idea, but what do you all think? I open my arms and my mind to your suggestions.


15 thoughts on “Cover Art Confrontations

  1. I believe the double exposure of the castle (moon-blue above, sun-red below) is by far the best-of course I haven’t read the story, but to me that gives, as you say, yang-yin, plus contrast of moon and sun, night and day, concealed in shadows vs. shining in the light, etc. That cover would definitely inspire me to buy a novel even if I didn’t know the author, the series, and hadn’t yet read the blurb.

  2. Though the bottom symbol peeks my curiosity, it wouldn’t necessarily drive me to purchase. And even though the rider, which shows him on a highway of sorts, is overdone, it is also TIMELESS. The quality of the picture is great,outperforming the other too.

    The castle is not a mirror image, but shows a volcano in the water, and confused me at first.
    Also the castle in the water seems clearer that the actual one above.
    Cheers and all the best on this book.

    Where eagles fly, Don (Greywolf)

    1. Thanks Don. I must admit I am torn, between the castle and the character. As it happens a Castle plays a major role in the novel, but so does the split character style image. The images I uploaded were taken from Google, so the cover art I use will be created from scratch but these images and your advice are certainly helpful. Thanks for taking the time to drop by and comment. It is most appreciated.

      1. Alex,
        I do my own covers (Digital photos of mine) for my work, whether books or stories, so I’m making suggestions on that basis. Example here: file:///Users/marianneford/Desktop/Book%20Cover%20XXX.jpg

        Cheers, Don

  3. I also like the rider cover. However, the true test of a cover is what will it look like as a thumb print when it has the title and authors name written over it.

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