Trials and Tribulations

I am finished. Yes, that’s right. The second installment of the Highway to Hell series is finished. Not only that, it is in the hands of my beta reader and cover artist. It has taken me in total about 6 months to get to this stage, and I feel great. That being said, I am nervous about what my beta read – the wonderful writer Carrie Green – will think of it. Yet at the same time I am proud of this novel, and think the ending is stronger than the first installment.

I have to be honest with myself however. I am sure the novel is not perfect, I am after all still learning, and to expect perfection would be downright foolish. Yet, I am confident it is both a good and entertaining read.

The question I find myself faced with now however, is where do I go from here. I will admit to a small part of me wanting to push on and write the third installment. However, I have a feeling that this will be a large novel. I have very grand plans and think I need to take a step back and perfect my craft a little more.

Until now, my work has been more about the imagery. My first two novels have been set in Hell and the imagery has been one of the primary things behind them.

My new project is one that I have had brewing in my mind for several years now. It is a character driven piece. One that looks at the deconstruction of man, of human character. Rather than the setting, the characters are the main focus, their journey. Also, I have what I consider to be a rather novel styling for the book itself.  I am really excited about this book, and really cannot wait to get started on it.

First I have some research to do and a bit of plotting. Not too much, because I cannot stick to a plot to save my life. However, as is the nature of the story, there are certain elements that I need to get right.

I managed to read two short story collections last week too. Both were amazing. First was Dark Bites and the second was Roses are Red. I have now gone back to the classics and have started reading Dracula. I have read it before. Well… I have read most of it before, but that was years ago, and I remember enjoying it greatly, however it is about time I read it again. I’m older now and have a much greater appreciation for writing than when I was a teenager.



2 thoughts on “Trials and Tribulations

  1. I’m curious to see what the journey holds for your characters. This is my advice, and you can take it or leave it. If you aren’t going to do the third installment anytime soon, you might consider giving this second installment a satisfying “for now” ending. If you’ll remember, I was a little confused about the ending of the first book because I didn’t know there was a sequel. When I realized there was, I was like “Oh yeah, I can’t wait to see what happens next!” LOL. Just my two cents worth. I’m anxious to see what happens in this second installment, so you better believe I’ll be buying it! 🙂

    1. Thanks for dropping by Lauralynn. If you are interested, and have time, I would love to give you an advanced copy to read. You comments are always appreciated. The ending of this novel is clearer than the ending to the first installment, and I ensured that all of the characters were rounded off. I am mroe excited by the stage I have set for the third installment.

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