Mind Jumble

Have you ever sat down to write a blog post, written a couple of hundred words and then realized what you have been writing is not only a bunch of horse shit, but also a bunch of nonsensical horse shit. I hope so. I say that not to be mean or hurtful, but rather because it means I am not going out of my mind.

For the last week or so I have sat down to write some posts that have been floating around in my head for a while, yet once I get past that first line, I find myself lost. I guess the closest I could describe it would be Wirter’s Bloggers Block. The words and ideas are there, but they just don’t seem to want to make that trip from my mind to the page.

I shook my fingers but heard nothing rattle inside them so I don’t think they are broken. Which can only mean the problem lies in some other part of my body. I am hoping it is a short-term thing, because even I am not happy with the blog posts I have been putting out recently. They are a bit weak (in my view at least) and only seem to get half of my point across. Often mixing up several other points along the way. Ironically this post seems to be the most coherent one I have written for a while. Maybe I have broken through and come out the other side enlightened and having grown as a person. Or maybe I just slept quite well and have had a strong assed cup of coffee this morning.

What problems do you face when blogging? Do your ideas flow and pile up waiting to be used? Do you ever have periods where all form of blogging inspiration dries up and leaves you wondering if you will ever think of a post again? Ok, maybe that last sentence was a bit dramatic but I refer you back to the strong assed cup of coffee comment and use that as my defence.


4 thoughts on “Mind Jumble

  1. I sympathise, I too get this from time to time. For me, the problem is that I rarely have time to blog when I’m feeling inspired, so the ideas get backed up. By the time I get to a post, it already feels stale in my head and so never sees the light of day.

    We spin a lot of plates these days, I guess we just have to accept that sometimes one or two wobble whilst we’re keeping another spinning smoothly. Still sucks though. Hope you feel better about it all soon.

    1. That is true. We cannot expect everything we do to be perfect 100% of the time. Luckily I felt better while writing this post so think maybe it will be a catalyst to get me back on the right track. Thanks a lot for commenting.

  2. I hear you! My problem is usually that I get a great idea and jot it down, but by the time I come to write it I am too late and it is no longer relevant! So, mine is more of a scheduling problem I suppose. I like your blog posts anyway, they don’t sound weak to me.

    1. Thanks Catherine. It is just this strange feeling I have had the last two weeks really. I thought I was just over tired, but rested up well last week and still felt it. I must admit that the post this morning actually went as I had planned so I hope I have turned the corner.

      Thanks for commenting, it is always appreciated.

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