The Good Wife

Rick Dearny knocked gingerly on the front door of the house he had been sent to. He would have knocked harder, but the door was already only on one hinge and he feared breaking it completely should he be anything less than delicate.

Rick had been on the force for nearly fifteen years, the last ten of which had been walking the streets of Lowmouth. So he knew that in the area he stood, the door was the only thing he would need to be gentle with.

He waited and then knocked again. To look at, the house was a mess. Then again, every house in the street was a mess. Milton Road was the hub for all deviant families that the large town had to offer.  Rick was certain that nobody in this neighborhood had a job, although he knew a few of them claimed unemployment and worked when it suited them on a ‘cash in hand’ basis.

There was no real sign of life in the property. Rick knocked one last time. Harder now. He felt the door rattle in the frame. Somewhere, deep within the blackness that was the house, a dog barked. It sounded large and angry, obviously roused from its slumber.

Rick turned to leave when the hallway light came on. He turned and listened as at least three different locks were opened and a chain was unbolted. As was always the case when on Milton Road, Rick braced himself. You never knew what would open the door. He had been greeted with baseball bats, shotguns, grown men hiding behind children, a knife in hand – as if any extra emphasis was necessary – and all manner of drunkards and junkies.

The door was opened by a young woman. The first thing Mick noticed was the infant that she held to her exposed breast. The child was asleep but the mother hadn’t noticed and so flaunted her rather ample if unnatural chest for the neighborhood. However knowing the girl as he did, Rick new it was a sight people were accustomed to.

She wore half a bra, a short skirt that was hitched up and no longer even covered her crotch, which was in an equal state of undress as her right breast. Rick also saw garter belt around each thigh, but the stockings that attached to it were nowhere to be seen. Her shirt had been lost at some point before she opened the door. Her greasy blond hair was pulled back in a pony tail that was just off-center, while her eyes blazed a fierce blue.

“What the fuck do you want?” She barked at Rick. As if in agreement, the large German Shepherd which stood by her side gave a bark of its own.

“Evening Daisy.” Rick began, but she cut him off.

“Sorry, I’m on the blob, not copper freebies tonight.” She blew him a kiss and went to slam the door shut.

However, Rick was used to the neighborhood and already had his foot blocking the door.

“I’m not here for you Daisy, so don’t flatter your self. I’m after Billy. You seen him around recently?” Rick asked, knowing full well that Billy was the girls boyfriend slash pimp.

“What if I have, he’s not here now so fuck off.” She snapped, angered that her first attempt to end the conversation had failed.

“Now now Daisy, there’s no need to be like that. I just want to talk to him, that’s all.” Rick lied.

The German Shepherd took a step forward and growled. It’s mouth curled back into a snarl, and even Rick found himself staring at the animals teeth.

“He’s not fucking here is he. Come the fuck in and look around if you want. Just don’t think you can get all fucking handsy with me like the last copper that came here.” She had started to bounce on the balls of her feet, and her eyes were unable to stay focused on anything. Rick watched as a stream of milk dribbled from her exposed nipple.

“It’s alright, I believe you. But if you see him, tell him to pop by the station.” Rick offered a smile and turning, walked back to his car.

He heard the door slam shut behind him before he had reached the bottom of the steps that took him down to the curbside.


Daisy closed the door. “That was close” She whispered

“Thanks Babe”  Billy said as he rose from all fours and zipped the still open fly on his trousers. “It was fun, but I gotta run. See you around, and next time, leave the brat in the other room. It scares away the customers.” He kissed her and was out of the door before she had the chance to pull him back to the bedroom.


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