ROW80: Mid-Week Update 14-03-12

Wow, we are already over the middle of the week. Where does the time go?

My week got off to an inauspicious start. My voice had deserted me. By that I mean my actual voice and not some writing based euphemism.

Then Tuesday came and went and it saw me send more than 100 emails for work. All of them work related and necessary. It was crazy.

On the writing front I wish that I could have been so productive. I don’t know what it is, but I just cannot get into any sort of swing with this book. I think that maybe it is a case of wanting to write it too much. I am too keen and find myself over thinking things at this early stage. When really I should just be writing it. It’s the first draft after all. As Mr. King himself says, the first draft is written for me, not for the readers.

My totals for the week so far are:

Sunday: 0

Monday: 580

Tuesday: 200

I am on course to hit my 500 word minimum today and hopefully can make up a little for yesterday if not Sunday too. I hope that by just plodding on and chipping away at project my momentum will build naturally. As I had said the other day, it has been about three years since I wrote something new, with characters I was not already familiar with. Maybe this is just how it goes and I have forgotten what it feels like.

How are you all doing with your goals this week?


3 thoughts on “ROW80: Mid-Week Update 14-03-12

  1. Hang in there, Alex! I am in a similar situation with the whole lack of actually writing. I am once again editing my Redcliffe sequel ‘Love Kills,’ after receiving a little guidance from my editor about some ammendments. It was all stuff that I had thought about after I sent it off, so I was glad to have the opportunity to ‘tweak’ it a little. However now I am so eager just to get it published that it feels like a chore rather than a pleasurable exercise. We suffer for our art, but the results will speak volumes…

    1. How true that is Catherine. I am waiting on my Beta reader comments and will make the changes that are recommended but don’t look forward to doing so.

      The reason I am so stuck with the writing is because this new novel is a real character driven piece, so the action style writing I am used to is now gone. It is great to try my hand at something different, just have to tell my brain that the writing is still good, it is just that there doesn’t have to be a lot happen in the scene in terms of action or adventure. It is just about the character.

      1. Ah yes, that is a challenge. Part of my problem with the Redcliffe sequel was that I forgot my audience didn’t know my characters as well as I did. Now I am having to go back and edit the MS to include enough description. Just write everything down, and you can always rearrange it at a later date if need be.

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