ROW80: Final Round… Seconds Out

Well, we have made it. We went the distance and with the final bell ringing in our ears we are all still standing… still swinging.

This round was not quite as fluid as other rounds, but that was not helped by a house move, and office move and also some extremely busy weeks that have seen me working early mornings before leaving for the office and into the evening once I am home.

Still, my initial targets were to read more and to finish editing my novel.  I can put a big check mark in both boxes so I have nothing to complain about. My book has been edited and Beta read. The comments have come in and my changes are being made. I have certainly read a lot more. I love reading but with the kids around I never had a lot of time, or rather I made excuses to not have time. As of the start of this year I have gone to bed a few minutes earlier and read. O, I read longer than a few minutes but feel so much better for it. Thirty minutes reading a night is better than I have done in a long time and it has seen me devour the written work with gusto. I am currently working my way through Dracula and I am loving every flowing sentence.

I for one cannot wait to start the second round of 2012, and am going to have a good long think about why my goals are going to be. I want to keep them realistic but also push myself.

What about you? How did your round go. Did you hit all those targets or did you need to move the goal posts a few times along the way?


4 thoughts on “ROW80: Final Round… Seconds Out

  1. Hey, this round wasn’t all that fluid for me, either, and I didn’t even have the moves you had! (Definitely the busy weekends, though). Great job on getting what you wanted to accomplish done! I’m always pretty excited for the next round; it’s like a fresh start, even if I do tend to keep most of the same goals. Looking forward to seeing you there, Alex!

    1. Thanks, I look forward to seeing you there too.
      Yes, the fresh start is the great thing about ROW80. You always have the chance to clear the slate and just start afresh. Thanks for commenting.

  2. Reading is always on my goal list, but it is always a struggle because i have so much else to do. Good luck next round! I will be there as well.. Hopefully next round will be a little less stressful..

    1. That is always the problem with me too Darlene, but then a while back I was talking about things with some fellow writers and we got onto the topic of reading and they said that to be a good writer you have to be an avid reader, and I realized that I was just not reading enough, so I forced myself to make time. Ok, I sacrificed a little bit more sleep to do it, but I am so happy that I did. I forgot how much I love reading. Not just from a writers perspective but just as a reader, to escape the stresses of the world for a little while.,

      Thanks for commenting and see you next round.

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