Six Sentence Sunday

I did this for the fist time last Sunday, and it was great. A nice and easy post for the one of in the week that even I enjoy doing nothing on.

The premise of this post is simple. Six sentences (or six lines) from one of my pieces of writing.

Today’s sample once again comes from my debut horror novel Highway to Hell

“Lucifer fell. By your own way of calculating the passage of time, he fell for millennia, before landing on a desolate piece of rock at the bottom of the universe, the edge of all existence. So fierce was the wrath that God unfurled on him after his defeat. It was there, on a small rock fighting for its survival in the truest possible sense, that Lucifer began to create his realm. Four of his followers survived the descent and impact. Their bodies were broken and disfigured, twisted into hideous beings with a thirst for revenge that consumed them completely. Lucifer saw his chance and so fueled their rage with crazy promises and desires, the same way Gollum was consumed by the ring.”

Thanks for reading.


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