ROW80: Seconds Out for Round Two

Well, another round is upon us. I didn’t post my goals earlier in the week. It wasn’t because I didn’t have them ironed out, but rather because my Monday was crazy and I didn’t get much time to sit down and write them out. So here we go with a double dose of ROW fever.

My Goals:

1) Finish the final touch ups on Trials and Tribulations. I over half way through now and hope to finish it in the next couple of weeks.

2) Continue my current hot streak with regards reading.

3) Visit at least three blogs a day and leave a comment

4) Plan out and hopefully start my new novel. It is 75% ready, I just need to apply a few finishing touches.

5) Work out a decent promotions technique that breaks away from the dangerous ledge of ‘promospaming’ on Twitter.

6) Work out a short list of goals … only kidding. I have plans for something large… massive in fact. It will be a big undertaking. It is writing related but that is as much as I can reveal at the moment.

7) Think about exercising. Seriously, thinking about it is about as good as it gets at the moment. Although, with my birthday at the end of next month, I have some big hopes for at least a small selection of free weights or a cross trainer.

8) (This one is just because I don’t like odd numbers) again, seriously, I have this thing. I want to actually get to know a few of the people who have befriended me on Facebook and Twitter. It would be good for me, and also shows that I do truly appreciate it, and don’t just think of people as sales targets.

The Check-in

Well, it has only been two days, but I am going good and have a really good feeling. It took me a while to get into the swing of the corrections with my novel, but now I am flying through and actually enjoying it. All that is left then is a grammar check, and then it is off to the editor. One final read through from my Beta reader and I am gold.

I haven’t done much written planning for my next novel, but it has been bouncing around my head non-stop and I am have a pretty good idea of the way it is going to go. It isn’t such an out-and-out horror novel as the Highway series, and instead focuses on the breakdown of the human character. Needless to say I have high hopes.

With regards my super secret project, I haven’t done much than fantasize a little… no no no nothing like that. I’ve just been trying to sort out a plan of attack.

I have just started reading A Stir of Echoes, and after I am Legend, I am expecting a very good read.


How are things going with you. I know it’s only been two days, but I am sure some things have gone better than planned and others fallen by the wayside. Or what about those forgotten goals. Those goals you meant to add last time, and somehow forgot again this time around.


2 thoughts on “ROW80: Seconds Out for Round Two

  1. Ah so this is what your ROW80 is all about 🙂 I am seriously impressed. I have trouble writing a shopping list and sticking to it much less a to do list for my writing! Then again I can only seem to concentrate on one thing at a time so any immediate list would be pretty short.

    Glad your writing/editing/planning is going strong. I don’t know about you but I always sleep better when I’ve had a productive day.

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