ROW80: Mid-Week Check-in 11-04-12

Well, I am a day late with my check-in but only because I had written up a very eloquent post only for it to be deleted when I click on save draft. So here I go with my second attempt.

It has been a damage limitation week for me in a way. My good progress has been stopped by work, not limited to just being busy but rather by being strained as a result of office politics and a strange personal vendetta that it quite effectively not only hindering my progress in my day-to-day activities but has actually moved me backwards. But that is a rant for another day.

I have finished my edits on Trials and Tribulations. All that remains now is a line edit and maybe another final beta read. This was my main goal for the round, and now with only the line edits to go I am more confident than ever that this will be ready in good time. I am refraining from working too much any more on my next novel as I want no more distractions. The finishing line is in sight and I will keep my eyes on the goal.

On the reading front, I am still devouring books. A little slower than over Easter, but of course I am now at work for about 10 hours a day including the commute. I am currently enjoying the second of the Dexter novels. I won’t read all 6 novels in one go, in fact this will be the last one, for a couple of books. I have Slaughterhouse Five sitting on my Kindle and it is demanding to be read so that is next on the list.

My blog visits are down the last few days, but I have a lot of stuff I want to read up on so I am hoping to find some nice new blogs related to these issues and effectively kill two birds with one stone.

I have recently become interested (read obsessed) with speed reading. I know it isn’t that much good for reading for pleasure, but there are plenty of things out there that need to be read and understood and could benefit from such a skill, not to mention it would help me in my job. It is probably stupid but it intrigues me.

For the rest, things have been quiet, I have just had no time to get everything done. My children have been awake at .5.15 and 04.45 the last two days. Today was a bit better at just after 05.30, but it still eats into the one super productive hour of the day that I have. My ‘Me’ time from 5 – 6 each morning. But never mind, I keep moving forward and never back, and will never complain about being able to spend time with the kids. Before I know it they will be grown and I will have to be kicking them out of bed to get off to school or work haha.

So, how is your week going? Are you still going on that strong start to the round, or pushing yourself even harder this week to make up on a disappointing first week. Now that we have the first week out-of-the-way we know where we stand with our goals and their feasibility. I am confident in mine and don’t think I need to change them at all, and I hope the same can be said for all of you.


Have a great week!!


2 thoughts on “ROW80: Mid-Week Check-in 11-04-12

  1. Hey Alex – I have been on the “wrote my draft, crap where did it go” front, so I am terribly sorry about that. So frustrating.
    Good luck with yor goals.. I know you can do it! 🙂
    I am falling behind on my Script Frenzy challenge.. but after tax season (five more days!) I think I’ll jump right back in it.
    See you around!

    1. Thanks Darlene. I have heard of Script frenzy but have never really looked into it. What is it all about? Does it work on the same concept as NaNo?

      It has been an all around frustrating week, but that is mainly on the work front. I cannot wait for the day I can quit my job and write for a living. *I Can Dream*

      Thanks for taking the time leave a comment. It is appreciated.

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