I just had to re-blog this post from the amazing Kristen Lamb. It is a post that will make you think, and one that I found perfectly fitting after the day I have had of dreaming about the things I wish I could do.
Thank you Kristen, after reading this post, I now know… I can.

Kristen Lamb's Blog


Want to know the secret to success? Quitting. Yes, you heard me correctly. And, if you’re a creative professional, it is in your interest to learn to get really good at quitting. Maybe you’ve felt like a loser or a failure, that your dream to make a living with your art was a fool’s errand.

Maybe, if you are anything like me, just maybe you had friends and family and people around you telling you that you were a dreamer, that you needed to get your head out of the clouds and to let go of your “magic beans” and learn to be something practical that made a good paycheck and came with dental benefits. Maybe, in an effort to counteract all this negativity, you found yourself wandering the inspiration books in Half Price Bookstore (namely because you were too broke to buy books full-price). And maybe, just maybe…

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  1. Thanks for sharing, Alex. I had seen Kristen’s photo around the social networks, but had never had the pleasure to have her thoughts on things. Very interesting! I’ll have to allow her words to simmer a bit…


  2. I am so conflicted! On the one hand I agree that you have to know when to let go but at the same time I’m such a hoarder… I can’t even let go of my 24 year old car because it still works! I think I would prefer to call it ‘knowing when to regroup’.

    1. I have trouble letting go in real life, but thinking about doing it I find easy and enjoyable. Maybe one day I will have the courage to do it. As echoed in my post for today.

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