Highway to Hell is FREE (18-19 April)

That’s right, the toll for this Southbound lane has been lifted.

This offer is only open for a limited time, so please, come and grab your free copy of Highway to Hell today. Tell your friends, tell your neighbors and colleagues, Grab anybody you can, and carpool your way along the Highway to Hell.

For the next two days my novel will be free on Amazon. I would love to see how high up the charts I can come. I can’t promise you any riches or prizes for helping me, but my eternal gratitude if certainly up for grabs.

If you could possibly take a moment and help spread the word, I have pasted a couple of tweets below for you to use, or of course if you are feeling particularly creative you can create a few of your own.

#FREE #KINDLE #FICTION with #KDPSELECT http://www.amazon.com/dp/B005H93KEM Going to Hell for a Heavenly Read #Horror #RT!!

If you like reading #Horror #Books then check out Highway to Hell. It is FREE today thanks to #KDPSELECT http://www.amazon.com/dp/B005H93KEM

Have you ever read a real nightmare, a terrible dark vision that makes one stare backwards in daylight? http://mrkt.ms/rHOkxx #FREE #HORROR

Thank you in advance for your help, and have a great Wednesday.



Note: The free promo starts at 00.00 on the West US Coast. I have posted this on European time, so there my be a delay in the update.


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