ROW80: Mid-Week Update 18-04-2012

I simply must begin this update by saying my Epic Fantasy / Epic Horror novel Highway to Hell is FREE on Amazon for the next two days (Wednesday 18th through Thursday 19th April). If you already have a copy, then firstly thank you very much, and second, please feel free to tweet or share the information in any other way with your friends, colleagues, neighbors, strangers you pass in the street…. ok maybe not that last one.

Now on with the check-in.

It has been another strange week for me. Very little free time has come my way, the kids were awake before my alarm the last three mornings in a row. Including a rather unwelcome 02.45 rising time today. That being said, I have managed to crack on with the line edits, and while I am not as far along as I would have hoped, progress is being made, and I feel better and better about the book with each page I go through.

Also, I have been blogging a lot this week. I don’t know why, I just seem to have a lot to say and the blog is the perfect place for me to do just that. As you would expect, I have seen a sharp increase in my daily visit totals this week, and can clearly relate it to the increased input, but the problem (as with all blogs) remains, how do we keep this visit rate high when the blog posts slow down a little. After all, around publication time and during various other periods where ‘real life’ gets in the way (… I mean… um.. anyway) and we cannot post with such regularity.

My blog visiting is still high, but probably not as high as I would have wanted given the wording of my goal. However, I have found myself on a run of terrible blog posts (found via Google searches and not subscriptions) and so I cut back a little.

Reading is going great, I have almost finished Slaughterhouse Five and am loving every word. The mix of real history and science fiction is great, the time travel and the dry humor and social commentary being made all fit together perfectly.  Not sure what I will read next, I should finish this book tonight, tomorrow at any rate. I think I will go back to something Indie written. I have a whole host of things lined up.

My super secret project has kind of fallen still. I know what I want to do, and it is just about setting the time aside to do it.  I had originally planned it for NaNo this year, but then yesterday, I had an idea for a short novel that would be the perfect NaNo project, so may move the secret books up in the schedule and start working on them later in the year. Until then it is just a case of keeping my eyes and ears open for inspiration and waiting for the time to come that I can make a start.

I know I had a lot more goals listed, and know that I have done well on all of them, but these were the main points, and the ones which can actually be written about. I mean, interact more with my social media friends, that is being done (with a worrying gusto) but besides this, there is not much more that can be said about it.

How are all of you doing so far this week? Sticking to your goals, or have you already had to broach the topic of changing the goalposts to something more manageable, or perchance widening the posts because you are steaming ahead of what you had planned?


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