The Fiction of Future

We often criticize people for living in the past. For hanging on to past glories or treasuring old memories while spurning the change to create new ones. Dare we say even better ones (on occasion).

However, there is a worse waste of time than living in past, and that is living in the future. At least those aforementioned souls have been there. They put themselves out there, for whatever reason, and have earned the right to live in their memories. Regardless of how we perceive it, or how we would like them to live differently, at the end of the day, these people can stand up and say… I was there.

People who live in the future cannot do this.

You all know these people, Hell, we are all these people, It seems to be a sort of mental epidemic within modern society. We are always planning; planning for the future. For that time when we can stand up and do whatever it is we look forward to.

For me, it is my Coffee House / Book Store dream – as I detailed in my short story earlier this week – for others, it may be writing that book, or getting a degree. It can be anything. That is what makes living in the future so dangerous. We spend so long gazing at it, waiting, that we miss the whole point.

There is no future. The future does not exist. What lies ahead of us is nothing but the present that we have made fact. What we consider the future, is merely Fiction.

Our lives are not planned out, they are ours to do with what will. Our choices impact the direction our lives take. This is no different to how writing a book works. We start writing, and maybe, just maybe, we have a complete plan for ourselves, but suddenly, something comes along that throws a twist into the plot, or maybe shatters that plot completely, and we end up having rewrite our novel. Sometimes this is for the better, and sometimes we need to stop and change direction again. Another decision, a new plot line.

Those who live in the past could be seen as the type of writer who spends their whole time editing one manuscript, never being satisfied with what they have. However, they have at least written. Unlike those who live in the future, for they are forever planning on starting that novel.

In order to truly live in the future, you need to live in the present. The future is nothing but the present you have yet to reach out and grasp.

That book will never get written unless you start it today. My coffee-house (Indie’s) will never exist unless I start actually working towards that goal. Whatever it is that you have been living your life waiting for, stop. Stop waiting, because the future is here, the future is now, because the future as society has trained us to think of it, does not exist.



2 thoughts on “The Fiction of Future

  1. Bravo! Well said Alex! Indies may be dear to your heart but I suspect writing is more important to you and that is one dream you are achieving in the present 🙂 And maybe by the time you have the wherewithall to make Indies come true you won’t really need to because your day job will be writing – full-time, all day every day!

    1. Thanks Andrea, I have two dreams, both of which I hope to make the present at some point. I hope that one will benefit the other, and by planning for two different presents, I am keeping my options open.

      It shocks me how often I hear people talking about the future as it if doesn’t exist. Maybe it is just because I finished Slaughterhouse Five, but the future is now, it is happening, we just haven’t arrive there yet.

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