How often to promote a post?

I am waaaaaay to tired to be writing a post this morning, My daughter was awake and as a result I had to sleep on the sofa because she refused to go to her own bed. Then she was awake around 5 and my brain just needs a little bit of coffee before it is really fired up.

But, I must take my writing windows when they come in the weekend and so here we go. Take my hand, because it could turn into some rabbit hole adventure even I didn’t see coming.

Ever since I started blogging, I have had one point that never really appeared clear to me. I have never seen a post about it (queue comments with links filled with posts discussing just this) and welll, it puzzles me.

Posting regularly is key, everyday if you can. Why, because you names gets seen and you will get more traffic. That’s it in a nutshell. But what do you do with these posts? That is what has me all flummoxed today.

WordPress is especially helpful in this area, because it gives you the buttons needed to promote your work at the end of each and every post. But how often do we need to press these buttons? How frequently should you send out a tweet for your post? Or a Facebook update.

Both of these are dynamic platforms and a few minutes after you have sent out your tweet or what-have-you, it is absorbed into social media oblivion. Not everybody has seen it,you need to tweet (read all social media update styles) again… right? Now… or now? Maybe later.

Not forgetting that Facebook has groups you can join. Do you post to each group when you write a post, or only to the ones relevant to the post itself? Do you post once to these but regularly to your own wall? I just don’t know.

I have often talked with other bloggers about stats, and I know that mine are low. My weekly total is the daily amount for others, but this it neither here nor there. Or is it? I tend to write my post, send out one round of social media alerts at the time of posting and that is it. Maybe, if I think it will get more people, I will send out another tweet around 15:00 as that is about the time in my day where the US starts to wake up. Should I be promoting more often? I mean is one post to each network enough to get regular traffic. The thing that always hovers in my mind is that I don’t want to force my blog down people’s throats, but at the same time, you need to get yourself seen and drive people towards you.

I am sure, as with all forms of promotion, the line that separates promotion from spamming is a fine one. I certainly can’t see it and so maybe I take the safe route and convince myself that my stats are good. Have I settled?? Once again, that is beside the point.

Let me end this sleep befuddled ramble before I go way off the topic.

How often do you promote your posts, are you doing enough?


10 thoughts on “How often to promote a post?

  1. I post to my facebook groups, digg, twitter, friendfeed, reddit, my facebook page for my blog and to tumblr. I post to each one every time. I feel that is best to stay consistent and it seems to be paying off. I have had 11 straight days of 400 or more page views. Normally they used to be in the 150-200 page view range.

    1. Wow, that is what I mean about daily stats for you, weekly stats for me haha. I also post once to Google+, Facebook (and relevant groups) Twitter,Stumbled Upon, Linked In. I don’t hveidea what other sites are you there, but can barely keep up with those (on a more social basis). Congrats and the great daily hit totals. That is awesome.

      1. Well, to be honest I didn’t know if the totals were good or bad. I’m happy with the consistency.

      2. You are absolutely right. I look at my stats and wish they were higher, but they are certainly consistant, and also consistantly on the rise too. I will complain about neither. 🙂

  2. I publicize to Facebook via the automatic thing wordpress has going but that’s it. I never tweet because, well, because I just don’t ‘get’ tweeting. I have joined though and I /think/ it may have sent some readers my way because I can’t work out how they would have found me otherwise. Mostly though I just enjoy myself reading interesting blogs by other people. Some have become friends and the one thing they all have in common is that they write well, more than well. Oh and another place I’ve become very fond of is The feature writers are all great writers so it’s an easy place for me to hang out.

    I guess me promotion is just an extension of what I do in real life – I look for nice people, interesting people and ‘chat’. Not perhaps the best ‘technique’ in terms of marketing but I don’t have to face that huge hurdle yet as I don’t have anything to market so I just enjoy the process 😀

    1. It is always something that I have wondered about.

      It is nice to see the same people coming back again to comment. You certainly build up a relationship with them, a friendship no less. That alone is an accomplishment. I am horrifically bad at socializing in real life, and am even worse at making friends, so blogging and social media have been great for me. The general consensus seesms to be promote once when you first post, and maybe – for the non-us folks – again once the states wakes up.

      1. We’re writers, not social butterflies! I think the thing I like about online interaction is that it’s rarely the kind of boring chit chat you get in RL in social situations. I’m not shy but I do get bored with fluffy conversations 😉

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