Review: The Butcher’s Boy

The Butcher's Boy
The Butcher’s Boy by M.R. Mathias
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

To put it simply, this book was one of the best ghost stories I have read in… well, quite possibly ever. It was perfectly paced, the build up had me sitting with Goosebumps at times. The urge to continue turning the page was intense, and the mix of characters was well through out they complimented each other perfectly.
From the opening page you know that there is something more than just a haunted house behind this story, and from the moment you meet the creepy, senile woman who lives next door, you know that you had better hold on tight for a wild ride.

As a horror writer myself, I certain feel as though I have learned a lot from reading this book. Besides enjoying it for the great read it was, I found advice and solid teaching throughout, and for that reason alone, I will definitely be re-reading The Butcher’s Boy one day.

If I had to pick a weak point with it, there would only really be one. It is a ridiculously simple thing, and will vary I am sure, from reader to reader.

There was one line of text in the book, early on which for me gave away the big reveal at the end. Maybe it was just me, the way I read it etc, but I read that line and just knew what was happening. Now, I will not give any spoilers, and can honestly say that the book was not made any weaker because of this line. In fact, maybe having such a strong suspicion as I had encouraged me to keep reading long into the early hours. To see if I was right.

That aside, this book, in my opinion is as close to perfect as you get. To be complete, I can not recall any glaring grammar of punctuation errors, not formatting problems or other issues of a technical nature.

For anybody reading this, who is already a fan of the fantasy books from this author brace yourself for a fantastic paragraph of self promotion. Inserted so smoothly and professionally, it just about made my day to read it.

I don’t think I can find the superlatives to further articulate my appreciation of this novel, and so I will leave it as this. The Butcher’s Boy is a must read for anybody. Forget about genre, forget about tastes, because this novel comes close to transcending them all.

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