Baby Blues… or Pinks

Well, I have had a crazy day that started bad and got worse as the day went by. Thankfully however, the day finished on a very high note. We finally went to have an echo done to determine the sex of our baby.

We already have two boys and a girl, so we have no real preference. As long as the baby is healthy, that is the main thing, but after two boys, you really want that third baby to be a girl.  This time around however, we were just looking forward to seeing the baby and hearing the heartbeat.

It was a nice quiet little place, but, taking three kids with you to an echo is not a great idea. Let me tell you. Just before we went in, our Youngest son, Logan, fell over and hit his head against a chair and now has a huge bruise on his cheek. He then cried through the whole echo. However, we did get some great photos.

So here we go…. what do you think it is. I will not give the answer until I have enough comments going to see what the general consensus is. 


6 thoughts on “Baby Blues… or Pinks

  1. lmao – I thought you’d already had the baby! I was thinking to myself – how come he’s been so quiet about this momentous, impending change to their lives? Now I know but I won’t spoil the surprise 😉

      1. -grins- enjoy this time Alex because by mid October you’re going to be thinking that your bad week was a walk in the park :p Of course you’re also going to be besotted with your wonderful new son but that’s another story 🙂

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