The Swings and Roundabouts of Social Media

Over the last two weeks or so, I have been rediscovering my love of Facebook. Not the games, or the other glittery crap that they put out there to distract you, but the very core of what it is. How it works.

Before I had published my first book, before I had even written it in fact, I was always on Facebook. Then along came Twitter, and it became my new darling. This was back in the time before I knew the term social media, and before I even had to begin considering an author platform and a strategy for myself and my profiles.

Jump forward a year or more and I was using both platforms to promote myself and my writing. Yet, there was always, as is only natural, one that seemed to be the favorite. For a long time it was Twitter. It was new, it was different and something about it screamed simplicity in a way that Facebook didn’t. I know they are both dynamic and people post and update their lives as they go, but Twitter still seems more personal to me than Facebook. Maybe it is the short sharp nature of the updates.

Then as I mention at the start, my attention has recently drifted back to Facebook, and I have all but forgotten about Twitter. I know, I know, it is almost a sin, especially as the majority of my marketing is done through Twitter, but that is something for another day.

But it occurred to me, that there is always a hot topic, some flavor of the month that everybody seems to invest more time in than others. It says nothing about the media platform itself, but rather everything about trends set by… us.

It is us who ultimately determine the success of a site, whether it is in terms of crash and burn, or rocket to the moon, the users hold the fate of any such site / platform in the palm of their hands.

So why is there this ebb and flow to social media, what is it about Facebook that keeps pulling you back, only to have Twitter lure you away again? I mean, looking back at the time I have been using both sites, nothing has really changed. Ok, the layouts have been fiddled with.. wait, that sounds wrong. How about adjusted… much better. The layouts have been adjusted, but strip away the paint and the body underneath is relatively untouched.

What is your current darling site, and why did you make the switch back to it?

6 thoughts on “The Swings and Roundabouts of Social Media

  1. Honestly, it would be Facebook. I got a Twitter account in the past few months, but I’m not too thrilled with it; the 140 character limit is a pain for me, and while I still use it, I’m not very good at marketing it effectively. Plus, I’ve been using Facebook for years, so with a little research on how writers use it for their pages, I was able to fluently use it quickly. Here’s the link to my Facebook page:

    1. I am the other way around, when it comes to marketing myself on Facebook I suck! I’m not sure what it is, but I feel more comfortable selling on Twitter. I know it has to change if I want to improve, and I am working on it, but it is certainly more of a challenge for me.

  2. I did try Twitter…once 😦 To be honest it was interesting seeing what famous people were saying but I prefer my conversations meaty. And yes, the word limit was just /not/ my style. Even my shopping lists end up 2 pages long. So I guess for me it would have to be Facebook. I’ve discovered some interesting author pages on FB – something you should do too Alex – and some groups that resonate with me atm – like One million moms against One Million Moms – but truthfully the think I like is being able to keep tabs on friends and family, especially the ones who are far away. I know that’s way too personal for marketing but then I don’t have anything to really market yet so I’m not wildly fussed. Will probably get myself an author page when I have something genuine to promote.

    1. I think the whole friends and family thing is the reason why I find it so much harder to use Facebook for marketing. The a whole talking to a room full of strangers is easier than a room full of friends theory. I think I find it easier to socialize on Facebook, but when it comes to marketing I am pretty much on doing that on Twitter at the moment. It’s not ideal, but I am still learning my way around the whole marketing game so don’t want to bite off more than I can chew.

      1. In theory I have 25 followers on FB, and I know that some of them do check out my blog on occasion but I think most of my views come from other bloggers and search engines. I’m a bit baffled as some of the views come from places like Bulgaria and Morocco so I can’t help wondering if it’s the internet equivalent of a ‘wrong number’ but hey, I’m just happy to get visitors full stop 😀

        Btw have you checked out Indies Unlimited yet? I seem to spend most of my time there these days. They all write really, really well and are a friendly crowd.

  3. I joined Facebook about three years ago. I wanted to promote my first book, My Remembrance. I never expected to like it as much as I do. It is more personal than it first appears to be.
    I have only recently begun to use Twitter or a blog. I always wondered what I would write on Twitter or a blog that I would not write on Facebook. I guess I shall see.
    I wondered how to get more online exposure for both of my books. The answer I kept getting is, “You need to blog. You need to use Twitter.”
    As you know, Alex, both My Remembrance, and Cameron’s Journey have a solid message. This being the case, I need to come out of my comfort zone and try new things if I want them to succeed.

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