ROW80: Mid-Week Checking 02.05.2012

I have kind of fallen off the ROW80 bandwagon. Not because I do not want to take part any longer, but because I was sick. The virus I picked up took more than a week to work its way through my system. I spent two days just feeling so dizzy and truly odd, that I was concerned that I had low blood pressure. It seems to be much better now.

Last week was pretty much a wipe out. I got very little done. I didn’t read much, mainly because the book I am currently reading, while being well written, just doesn’t grab me and I am struggling to get going with it. Also it is an out-and-out fantasy and I don’t normally read it.

I did blog, I actually had quite the hot streak going, but that was about it. Editing was done in spurts, but nothing really meaningful. Friday I got about 15 pages done but that took all day.

Then of course, we had Queensday over here too, which meant that Monday was lost to the celebrations and entertaining the children. It was a great day. Last night was the first time since before I got sick that I could just sit down and edit. My wife was out, and once the kids were in bed I sat down and got over 40 pages edited. It felt great.

I plan to have these final edits finished and the book uploaded onto Amazon and Smashwords at least, on May 31st. It is my birthday and just seems like a fitting time to get it done on.

I am over half way through and finally getting the hang of editing now, so I think it should be doable. My cover art should arrive this week, all things being equal and then it is all just down to me.

This afternoon my wife and I are heading to Belgium. She is going to a concert and I am coming along too. It isn’t my music, but hers, however, we never get to go away together, and I will not let her take the train and bus all the way there on her own. It will be the first time in over a year that we have gone away together, without the kids. It will be great.

So, please, tell me my friends. How are you all doing this week?


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