It is Important to Learn How to Reinflate.

We have all had those days, or periods in our life when we feel like a giant deflated balloon

As Indie writers, or those of us that are 100% going-it-alone self published authors, we are forced to juggle many hats. Not only do we have all of the responsibilities of being a writer, but more often than not, we have the added stresses of a day job. Not to mention families; young children, in laws, partners, wife, mistresses, friends and enemies. Ok, maybe I got a bit carried away at the end there, but you get the gist.

The point is, that sometimes, things get on top of us, we feel deflated, that body numbing ‘what is the point sensation.’ I should know, I’ve been there done that and got the t-shirt. In fact I have so many t-shirts, they are thinking of expanding the line to includes sweatshirts, hoodies and baseball caps just to keep my wardrobe a bit varied.

The thing I have learnt in recent times, especially when it comes to writing, is that, it is fine to feel this way. It is natural, and to be honest, should be expected.

The world is in financial crisis, and if you are anything like me, you live from paycheck to paycheck. The month starts well, but each passing week sees new budget cuts enter the shopping list, or rather, removed from the list. It can be of no surprise that our mood goes up and down. Let’s face it, while we are surrounded by luxuries and amenities that were not around for previous generations, it doesn’t little but mask the fact that deep down, life is hard. Life is a bitch, a vampire that will suck you dry and leave you in a heap…. if you let it.

Better luck next time Dracsy

The trick it to not let it win. Some battles you will lose, it simply has to be so, but each time, we come back stronger. Ready for a new fight, a smarter fight.  What we don’t do, it give up, or ever allow ourselves to truly contemplate it.

Just because you take a step back from time to time, it doesn’t mean that you are giving up. Far from it. What are you doing then is saying, I REALLY want this, but I need to take a second and think about how I am going to get there. You are simply regrouping. Gathering your thoughts and coming back with a smarter plan, a stronger will or whatever it is that you feel needed to be improved on.

When you feel like things are getting too much, there are two options that tend to come to the forefront. We can give up, sit down and just submit to the tide, waiting for our body to be dragged beneath the waves into blessed oblivion, or we knuckle down, and just plough on. Often lost, floundering and after a while unsure what it is we were trying to do in the first place.

The thing to learn is that sometimes, we do need to stop. We need to take a break, of any time period, and allow ourselves to recharge, to reinflate.  There is nothing wrong with saying, wait a minute, I need a rest. In fact, sometimes, it is the best thing.

So the next time you are feeling run down, or just generally frustrated, take a break. Go for a walk, watch a movie, head to the gym for an extra workout. Do whatever it is that you like to do to unwind. I can as good as guarantee that by the time you are done, the crisis will have passed and you will be ready to crack on once more.

3 thoughts on “It is Important to Learn How to Reinflate.

  1. Go Alex! Lovely, positive post and advice that is necessary reading for anyone with a heartbeat [even more so if that heartbeat is a tad irregular]. But I think you advice is just as important for all those on a high as well. Sometimes it’s when everything is going well that you need to put a bit of extra balance in your life. I’m on a happy streak with my writing atm and I’m finding it hard to tear myself away. So. Tomorrow I swear that I am going to go outside and do some weeding. If nothing else I’ll be able to enjoy the writing even more after that 😉

    1. Thanks Andrea, Sometimes, things just need to be said. I agree with you 100%, the ability to take a step back and just let go relates equally to success as it does failure. We need to ensure we keep our feet on the ground, whether it is because we are flying up into the clouds or sinking into the mud, it doesn’t matter, the concept remains the same. 🙂

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