That Monday Feeling

“I have something I need to tell you”

 “What is it my Love?”

  “Well, according to this calendar… It’s Monday”


Have a great week everybody!


4 thoughts on “That Monday Feeling

  1. lmao – I read this first on my email client and I was going to say ‘Wow Alex this is almost a haiku’ then I clicked the comment button and saw…what you really posted :p

    1. Haha, thanks Andrea, it just came to me. I love that sentence, Jesus Wept and it kind of just came together from there. I thought it was time I posted something a little less serious, just a bit of fun.

    1. Monday is a bastard, but I survived, and hopefully you do too. 🙂 The sights are tempting, they dangle a beaten and mangled weekend before our eyes and promise to heal it, to return it to us, but in exchange for 5 days of monotonous drudgery haha

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