I cannot believe it, my week has just hit an all time uber fantastic high.


I have just agreed a two book deal with May December Publications!!! That’s right. Two books have been agreed. Highway to Hell will be re-edited and republished late in 2012, and the sequel is set for early 2013.

I am, for once in my life, utterly speechless!!! so I will let the cartoon express what I am feeling.



9 thoughts on “There is no other way to say this than….

  1. OMG! -dance- Alex this is wonderful! How did it happen? Did you find them or did they find you?

    lmao – and you were wondering what you were doing wrong with your marketing. Hah! -huge hugs-

  2. Well done Alex! Just when you were losing all hope, look what happens. I think this is a clear sign that you shouldn’t give up on your dreams just yet. In fact, I see that bookshop becoming more solid… ; ) xxx

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