ROW80: A Belated and Rather Confused Check-In

I must offer my apologies, to those of you that so look forward to my ROW updates. I have been rather bad these last couple of weeks, and last week missed both check-ins. Please, forgive me.

The last week was a crazy one for me. I made great progress on the editing of Trials and Tribulations and was getting excited about having everything ready and finished before I headed to the UK on holiday. Then, along came Friday and my writing world got turned upside-down, and now all of my ROW80 goals have been kind of shattered. But for the very best of reasons.

As I am sure most of you have already heard, from my social media bellows, I have agreed a two book deal with May December Publications. This will be for a re-edited and re-released version of Highway to Hell (release date set for End 2012) and for its sequel Trials and Tribulations (Early 2013)

This meant that, not only are my plans to release Trials this month now out of the window (again, for all of the right reasons) but my sales plans have changed because I do not need to pursue active sales currently because Highway has been pulled from general sale pending the re-release.

This gives me the perfect chance, a second chance nonetheless to get my sales pitch perfected.

On another positive front, it would seem that I cannot stop my mind from creating new ideas. Just this week I put the wheels in motion to a rather large-scale 10 book series. This will be a serious work, not horror related at all.

Also, I have a 5 (or 6) book horror series for children in my mind, and an idea for two new general horror novels, which will be added to the list I already have.  I have more than enough to keep me writing the next few decades, and that is at a rate of 2 books a year. Now I just need to write them all down so I don’t forget haha.

How are all of you doing on this ROW80 2012 adventure?


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