Dilution of readership

A few weeks ago I went on a hot streak and found myself posting daily, and in some cases twi a day for a period of about two weeks. What I saw was, as could be expected, that my daily hits increased the longer the hot streak continued. Yet, at the same time, several comments I received said that daily posting was too much. There were not aimed at me in any personal way, but rather more comments in relation to questions I raised in my posts.

Intrigued by these comments, and also by my seemingly hard-fought climb towards blogging success, I decided to run a control experiment. Over the last week – two weeks I have purposefully posted less, often only once or twice a week. (Ok, secretly I just had no time on a few of the days, but hey, you don’t need to know that… oh wait…bugger)

What I have seen, kind of confirms what you would have first assumed. My daily visits went down… and quite dramatically. While during my hot streak I was heading towards the 100 hits a day, as soon as I skipped a day of posting, the hits dropped way down low. I mean around 20.

I had at least hoped that the slow down would be gradual, but as is, it appears to be anything but. That being said, two weekends ago, in the mid-point of my now declared experiment, I had three record-breaking days in a row, with the Sunday, yes Sunday of all day – a day which is normally my quietest seeing a massive (for me) 282 people drop by to say hello.

After that we dropped right back down into the 30-40 range. This is, it would seem, my comfort zone, and I am happy to have reached such a consistent level.

The truth is, I am not concerned by Blog visits or stats. I may mention them a lot, but it is more because there is a lot that can be written about them. (Don’t hate me!)

What I am currently puzzled by, is the question of which is better, for there seems to be no rhyme or reason to my blog stats. Some days I post twice and get nothing, other days I post nothing and get a lot. I use the same promotion tactics for each post I write. I put it down to the mysteries of the web.

Yet, to bring this post back to the original topic I had in my head, and the point that relates to the title. I am beginning to believe that posting every day has more potential for problems than posting on a regular schedule, say 2 or 3 times a week.

Why? The answer was actually suggested to my by a very good friend of mine. They said that posting every day, especially if on some days you are simply posting because you feel obliged to, you risk diluting your message, and in turn, diluting your readership.

I would rather have 40 visitors a day every day, and they know that when they log on, the post I will have written is well thought out, professionally presented and about a relevant topic, rather than having 100 new visitors every day, but who only look at one post and then never come back.

I will not risk diluting my blog or demeaning my regular visitors just for the sake of a daily post.

However, it is clear to me that there is a certain schedule needed. Maybe it is just the fact of knowing what is coming. Knowing that on a particular day, a particular topic or style of post will be posted.

I post twice weekly on the ROW80 rounds, and I feel that one post and one piece of flash Fiction – on a Friday – will be more than sufficient. In essence I will be posting less than normal, but at the same time, more. Plus the schedule will give me time to prepare for the relevant posts, and allow me to ensure that what I post, in my now once a week general post, is even more relevant.

I will give this a try for a few weeks and see if there is a difference again in the visits and the breakdown of them. Let’s call it Phase 3 of my investigation.

9 thoughts on “Dilution of readership

  1. I too have wondered how often to blog, or how often to Tweet, for that matter. I have concluded that twice a week for blogging is the right amount to aim for. I do not want to take the chance that I will run out of things to say, or that I will begin to repeat myself.
    In regard to my mention of Tweeting, I have noticed that some people post more times than is necessary or healthy. Some people post so much that when I see their Twitter post, I simply bypass them. There is nothing new to read there. They seem to post to see their own words on the screen. I believe I read somewhere that more than four Tweets in one day is too many. I have to agree.

    1. I must admit that on occasion I have been known to go slightly Twitter crazy, but am certainly cutting back down now.

      I certainly think that there is a balance there that needs to be found, and believe it probably changes from person to person, depending on who they are, what they blog about and how developed they already are.

      I just checked and you were my 1000th comment. Now that deserves a celebration. 🙂

      1. It must be my lucky month, Alex. I got your only paperback of Highway to Hell, and I get to make the 1000th comment.
        When I find myself tempted to go “Twitter crazy,” I tell myself, “Stay off of Twitter! You’ve said enough!”

  2. I had an issue with the same thing when I started to blog. I used to post everyday but I ran out of things to say after the first month so I went on hiatus for a while. Now I have one scheduled day where I post book reviews for the 52 Books in 52 Weeks challenge and sometimes throw out a random one here or there to keep people on their toes or when I find I have something to say. So far I think I have a more balanced readership doing it with a scheduled day instead of daily so I agree. Good post. Sorry, I started rambling and lost all train of thought for a minute. lol

    1. For what it’s worth, cpbialois, I didn’t feel that you rambled at all. You were right on topic, threw in some personal insights, and have an encouraging view point.

      1. Thanks Maxineowen. For whatever reason, it felt like it to me at first. I really should drink a cup of coffee before I sign on in the morning. lol

    2. I agree with Maxine on this one. There was no rambling there, just a very good comment. Thanks for dropping by. I will be dropping down to one generalized post a week as I mentioned in the post. I think that will not only work best but be most comfortable for me to do.

  3. First and foremost – huge grats on the 200 plus peak. That is fantastic and I refuse to believe it was just a fluke. That said though I really do believe that the quality of the post is /the/ most important part of blogging and if achieving that requires less posts then happy regulars are more than worth it.
    Just as an aside, I came across this great tutorial on Indies Unlimited. It’s about the Amazon feature called Author Central and how to use it. If you don’t already have one of these then chop chop and get one!


    1. Thanks for the tips Meeks. I did have one, but never really did anything with it. I will check it out right away.

      I definitely now think that when ti comes to blogging, less can me more, especially in the long run.

      I was over the moon when I passed 200 visitors. I will get back up there again, I have the time and patience to work at it, and do it right.

      Always a pleasure to hear from you 🙂

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