Alex II – The Return

Hi Everybody…. I’m Home!!!



Alex is ALIVE?

 That’s right Vultan. I am alive!

I ventured into the very heart of my homeland… city, and returned not only alive, but stronger than ever.

I dearly missed writing, blogging and everything that goes with it over the last few weeks, but now I am back, and I am ready to push on, stronger than ever.  I cannot wait to dive right back into everything.


7 thoughts on “Alex II – The Return

  1. Welcome back, Alex. I can see that you are energized and ready to go. This is good, because if you’re going to give Stephen King and Dean Koontz a run for their money, you’re going to need to be in top form.

  2. Welcome back. I’m trying desperately to catch up on my blogging since we’ve spent so much time this weekend getting ready for both my sons to graduate this school year. We’re having their party next weekend, so I have barely touched all of the blog posts that are sitting in my inbox, collecting virtual dust. I couldn’t just delete yours, however. If you were going to go to the trouble of including a Flash Gordon reference, I had to stop and leave a comment. Right?
    Laybourne’s alive?


    1. haha thanks Andrea, I have big plans and at the moment a nice looking schedule. AM before work I plan the new novel, lunch time at work I edit the short story collection and in the evenings it is new novel or some freelance work I have to get in from time to time. It works well and keeps my mind fresh.

      1. If you get the chance do a blog about the publishing process coz most of us know absolutely nothing about it 🙂 And now can you sign this autograph?

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