Guest Appearance Today

Today I am making a special appearance over at the blog of Amelia Curzon, where I am talking about passion, and how our own personal passions will often be found lurking within our writing.


Know Your Passion, Know Your Art 

We all have something that we do every day, something that we turn to when stressed, or upset, when celebrating or when in need of a distraction. We all have a passion. I don’t mean passion in the sense of showing your love for another, but rather a hobby. For some it is exercise, for others, it is cooking or collecting a particular item. Whatever it is, a passion is simply something unique to us that we know will always be there for us to turn to when we need it.

Obviously, my main passion in life is writing. Yet, that is merely the surface of it all, for what drives us to write, what underlying themes and items are present in every piece we create? There are our true passions, the things that always creep in somehow…

For more, hop on over to Amelia’s blog.



3 thoughts on “Guest Appearance Today

  1. Alex, I am delighted to have you as my guest. I haven’t, I am ashamed to say, read either of your books YET, but I felt I really wanted to invite you as a guest having read so many of your brilliant, insightful and well written posts. I shall certainly be getting around to reading one of your books soon.
    Thank you again Alex,

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