The music thumped and the strobe lighting was in full swing, making the entire club look like a psychedelic black and white stop-go animation.

Isaac Barlow was in the mood to party, and this seemed like just the place to be. The sun was shining outside; the windows were bricked up inside and out, creating total darkness for them all. The DJ, was in full swing, not feeling the effect of the previous two night’s full moon; his fur was matted with sweat, but didn’t let it stop the beats from flowing.

“Come on newbie. Let’s get a drink. We got some celebrating to do!” Gorel slapped Isaac on the back. “I’m buying I guess, you’ve only been risen a couple of hours but I know you’re good for it.” He added.

Gorel was Isaac’s sire, the man who both turned him and welcomed him as he clawed his way to the surface once the sun had gone down. Gorel and Isaac were now linked, bonded in a way that mortals could not ever hope to understand. A physical and psychic connection was made and it could only be severed in death… a second death at least.

“What will it be my young ward? Pick your poison and let the good times roll, but be careful, don’t fill up for come sundown I hear there will be a big party down by the beach. Surf and turf if you know what I mean.” Gorel laughed, flashing the bartender a blood covered $20

“Um… I don’t know… I mean … I…it all smells so good.” Isaac stammered, his eyes surveyed the inverted bodies hung against the wall behind the bar.

“Well let me choose for you.” Gorel answered him. “We’ll take two double shots of the blonde there.” He pointed down the bar at the row of women hanging by their feet. “Second from the right in the green t-shirt.” He added, noticing that there was a slightly skinnier looking blonde at the other end; the house brand . . . in other words a junkie. Her blood was tainted but still good enough for mixers.


5 thoughts on “Shots

  1. You’ve won me too Alex 😀 The image of people hanging like over sized wine bottles or something is so gruesome and yet kind of funny 😀 Very, very nice.

      1. Your writing just seems to be getting stronger and stronger Alex. If you’ve got any of that magic potion left over can I have some? Just joking. Loved that story.

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